Image Credit – V-LEIBIUK (shutterstock)

The rumblings are continuing around whether Tyson Fury will finally fight Anthony Joshua at the end of this year. In fact, over the last few years it’s been one of the biggest will they won’t theys since Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

The last that came out of it was that Fury has revealed the fight is off after Anthony Joshua’s team failed to meet a deadline, but this will rumble on for some time and one thing is for sure is that we expect the Gypsy King to come out of retirement soon.

It’s been an incredible rags to riches, rise and fall and rise again story from Fury, and he’s gone from a man being lambasted for some of his opinions, to one that is revered for his outspoken nature on mental health and the battle not only he has had but many others have had with addiction.

Here are three things we’ve learnt from the great man over the last few years…

Never give up

One of his main messages has been to never give up and he’s continually promoted that since his return to the ring and during his rise again after the Deontay Wilder trilogy.

He’s had huge battles with drug addiction and alcoholism and as so many people check into alcohol rehab each year, he’s proving to be a huge inspiration in getting clean and doing something worthwhile with their lives.

It’s OK to be not OK

Addiction and poor mental health go hand in hand and Fury has been brutally honest about his experiences with mental health struggles. He opened up about his struggle in 2017 and has been a huge advocate of talking about demons ever since, regularly posting inspirational messages on his social media accounts.

If the heavyweight champion of the world suffers with depression and anxiety, then anyone can and you really do have nothing to be ashamed about.

Be yourself

There is nobody like Tyson Fury, he’s a one of a kind. And so are you. When Fury first fought Deontay Wilder in 2018, very few people believed he was ready for the fight. The press wrote him off, many boxing fans did. Even his Dad thought it was a mistake.

Fury believed in himself, was himself and knew he could do it. And that’s all that mattered. We all know what did happen, and the rest is history.