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It is true when you say that the beauty of sports arenas amaze sports fans. Some look for state-of-the-art features while others look at the number of people these gigantic venues can accommodate.

These are just some of the characteristics that sports aficionados are looking for. Other spectators base it on other attributes like places to go before or after the event. Some would look at the natural beauty of the area that plays in the background.

Let’s try to look at some of the world’s best and why people are dying to be in one of them.

Bird’s Nest — Beijing

Built in 2008 for the Summer Olympics, the Bird’s Nest is one of the amazing looking sports architectures. As the name implies, this stadium has a complex steel lattice design that looks like a bird’s nest. It can accommodate more than 90,000 sports fans.

Bedazzling onlookers with its LED lights, it has become as one of tourist attractions of Beijing. To this day, it hosts a variety of sporting matches and even concerts. It was repurposed for ice sports events for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

AT&T Stadium — Arlington

The AT&T Stadium is the home ground of the Dallas Cowboys. This NFL playground has a massive video display known as the JerryTron board. Its mammoth retractable roof makes each game unparalleled especially during the day.

The venue itself is quite accommodating as guests can enjoy looking at the wide display of contemporary art while touring the facility. This 80,000 to 100,000-capacity arena can host wrestling matches, indoor basketball games, boxing, and the Super Bowl XLV even happened here!

Melbourne Cricket Ground — Melbourne

This 1853-built stadium lies in the heart of the city, holding over 100,000 sports goers. This historic ground is tops when it comes to cricket games. Added to that, it always stays on the top tier of the must-visit sporting venues in the world.

This legendary cricket arena’s high-end facilities stay up-to-date with its constant upgrading. By far, it has hosted the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, as well as the Australian Football League.

Fenway Park — Boston

Here comes the oldest MLB stadium—Boston’s Fenway Park, headquarters of the Red Sox. Since 1912, this stadium, also called the Green Monster, served as venue for major league baseball.

With its left-field wall towering over the area, it is a scene of numerous historic games and momentous home runs. It features a manual scoreboard and has seen preservations and modernizations. This is to keep everything in place, safe, and attractive to sports denizens.

Wembley Stadium — London

Synonymous to England’s football history is the 90,000-seater Wembley Stadium, second to Barcelona’s Camp Nous in seating capacity. Opened back in 1923, it has twin towers and an additional structure which symbolize Britain’s sporting heritage.

A good number of iconic football matches has been played here including the FIFA World Cup Finals of 1966. A series of reconstruction transformed it into a modern architecture, with high-flung tiers and an enclosed roof that creates a magnetic atmosphere while in a game.

Estadio Azteca — Mexico

Hosting Mexico’s national football team, Club America is Estadio Azteca. It can hold up to 104,000 fans and has many to offer its spectators. Hence, it boasts the largest capacity arena in all of Latin America.

Did you know that Italy won over Germany in the semis of 1970? Yes, this famous soccer-only status arena, it is where this Game of the Century happened. This stadium is the first to have hosted two FIFA World Cup Championship games. You can get more information from go sport travel.

Madison Square Garden — New York

Call it whatever you like but New York’s Madison Square Garden is a class within itself. This is the home of the New York Knicks and known to host many legendary performances and games since 1968.

Everybody knows that it is not only for basketball that this arena thrives for. It hosts boxing matches, entertainment events, and also, concerts. You can never miss this cultural landmark while in central Manhattan as this is one of the top places to visit.

Allianz Arena — Munich

If you are going to base your choice on engineering and modern architecture, then, the Allianz Arena in Germany is another choice destination. This venue is the home base for FC Bayern Munich.

What makes it unique is its exterior which illuminates various colours of the team that are playing at a particular schedule. If you see white, for sure, an international team is playing inside. Adding to this feature are high-quality facilities and acoustics and what have you got? A match experience like no other!

Estadio Alberto J. Armando — Buenos Aires

In 1940, the Estadio Alberto J. Armando opened its gates to the people of Brazil. This 49,000-capacity stadium which is home to Boca Juniors, is another sight to behold. Some people call it “La Bombonera” because it has a shape so unique with a heartbeat atmosphere while there is a game.

This feature is a top crowd drawer — it is so attractive that many sports fans are willing to shell out their money to see exciting matches here. So far, the venue is witness to numerous games, events, and football championships.