The tourism industry has changed a lot in recent years, apart from focusing on fun and entertainment, they have shifted their view on environmental sustainability. Eco-tourism has been playing a vital part in achieving environmental resilience and preserving the planet. It helps tourists learn about the importance of minimizing the impact on the planet and adopting eco-friendly activities to make them sustainable. Eco-tourism also helps to gain knowledge of the cultural heritage of the local community people and vice versa.

Usually luxury tourism provides accommodation in lodges and hotels that never follow eco-friendly practices. But there is no use in staying in such places when you opt for eco-tourism. To continue filling that niche, the Government of Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa luxury eco resort in a rainforest environment, the project being developed by Vital Developers Limited and project management services provided by Creative Projects Management, they working tirelessly under Alexander V Berenstain’s management to see this project to completion and be part of a such landmark destination that blends with natural surroundings in harmony.

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Eco-Resort: What do you need to know?

The majority of us have stayed in lodges, hotels, and other luxury stays, those places never follow eco-friendly practices and help in contributing to environmental sustainability. Eco resorts stay at the next level in saving the planet by using eco-friendly products and not allowing the usage of plastic and other nondegradable materials. Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is an approved eco-resort project in Dominica that is being developed by Vital Developers Limited. They appointed Alexander V Berenstain, the general manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ achieve their goal of combining luxury with eco-tourism.

Eco-Resort Project in the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean”:

To enjoy eco-tourism and accommodate a luxury and sustainable environment, the Government of Dominica has approved the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa project under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program Real Estate. This eco-friendly resort was conceptualized to wonderfully blend into Providence Estate at Laudat, Roseau Valley in Dominica, home of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main aim of this resort project is to attract investors from all over the world and a big portion of them from the Middle East or Dominica as beautiful tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The investors are provided with a massive number of privileges in the Dominica citizenship by investment program. Being part of government program investors need to follow all regulations and investments in any form of cryptocurrency are not allowed.

The visitors will be amazed to enjoy the 72 Eco-friendly Villa Units, surrounded by a Private Jacuzzi on the Balcony to relax, Deluxe Single and Two bedroom villas, for enhancing your fashion and style boutique style rooms are provided, Stunning Hammam, Massage Therapy to relax your body and relieve pain, Outdoor Infinity Swimming Pool and Covered heated pool indoor Infinity Pool with Swim-up Bar, World-class Restaurant and Bar which provides the local and international cuisines with organic foods from local community people and contribute for their growth, Yoga and Meditation Facility to make your mind calm and subtle in a eco-friendly environment, Relaxing Spa with Jacuzzi.

Privileges of the eco-resort project:

The privileges of the eco-resort will be availed by the investors when they invest an affordable investment of $200,000 which is 1% of the preferred share in the resort project. Privileges are the most worthy and beneficial for the investors. The Dominica Government will provide lifetime citizenship for the investors and their family members. The other privilege will be the investors and their entire family members are provided with free accommodation for 14 days in the off-season and 7 days in the peak season.

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The investor can sell their share to the new investor after 5 years from the date of receipt, the citizenship cannot be transferred as this is an added advantage for the investor. The new investor can apply for citizenship after buying the share. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment program helps investors plan their retirement, seek a job overseas, and start a business, wealth spreads and various advantages to secure and plan their future.