The concepts in maths need to be understood to be able to answer in exams. Maths need the application of the concept rather than just memorizing it. And the capability to apply the concepts properly comes only with thorough preparation. In this article, we shall discuss various ways to tackle maths.   

How to study Mathematics?

Maths tend to build a sense of fear in students. This is simply due to the lack of knowledge on how to tackle the subject. The best way to get over Maths phobia is to take a positive step towards it rather than feel a sense of panic. Maths is a vast subject with numerous types of subtopics. Maths is a brilliant mixture of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

Find out your strength. This will help you understand which branch of mathematics you enjoy the most. Try to figure out the easiest way of learning and understanding the concepts in this branch of mathematics.

How to remember the formulas and be prepared?

Stop yourself from thinking that mathematics is difficult. Accepting that it is an easy subject means the battle is half-won. Ensure you remind yourself that logic is the key. Practice and mug up the formulas but not the problems. Understand the formulas while practicing and know where to implement them. Start enjoying the various methods of solving one particular question. You can make flashcards to remember the formulas. Ensure all your doubts are always cleared.

If there is no one to resolve the doubts, make a note of it and the first thing you do when you reach your school or the tuition is to get the doubts cleared. If you move ahead with the doubts on one topic, it will be difficult for you to understand the subsequent related topics.  

How to score well in Math? 

Start solving easier problems and slowly move to the medium level and then to the complex level. After you study and practice each and every topic try to solve the questions and check where you are lagging behind. Practice the weaker area multiple times to improve your confidence. Make short notes of the topics which are to be revised again. Your first focus should be on high weightage units and important chapters. Try to apply real-world scenarios to the mathematical problems that you are solving. This will make the concept and topic more interesting for studying. 


Following a time-table is always a very reliable idea. Allot separate time for mathematics to improve the scoring. Make sure at least 1 hour every day is being spent on maths. In this way, you can ace your maths fear. 

Here are a few points that will help you to understand the benefits of solving the Previous Year Question paper for CBSE Class 10 Maths to enhance your exam preparation.

Exam Pattern Analysis


Having a thorough understanding of the exam pattern is necessary to develop a knack for cracking it. It gives you a clear picture regarding the weightage on topics, marks allotted, and most importantly the important topics that would be targeted in the paper. It will help you formalize a strong strategy for your preparation. 

 Understand Question Format & Model

It is necessary to have knowledge about the type, nature, and format of the questions being asked in the examination. The questions may be subjective or objective. The strategy used to answer them will vary based on the type of questions that will be asked. The best and the only way to be prepared to tackle these hurdles is by referring and practicing previous year question papers. 

 Point out Important Topics

The syllabus for studying is huge and vast. They cover all the branches of maths with extremely detailed conceptual understanding. However, the exam does not need you to study them all. A proper analysis of previous years’ paper will help you understand topics that are repetitive with a lot of weightage making your preparations smarter and easier.


Practice makes a man perfect. Exams expect you to reproduce all the information learned by you in many months in mere hours. This task is possible only with repetitive practices. Practicing with the previous year’s question paper will help you to train your mind to remember the right answers at the right time. This will help you to give your 100% in the exam hall without feeling any extra pressure. 

 Assess Your Preparation 

Repeated practice of previous papers will help you to analyze your preparation. It will point out your strengths and weak spots. This will give you a better picture of topics that need more effort and areas that need only a quick revision. Accessing your preparation will also help you to excel in the competition outside. Repeated practice will make you well versed in all the topics of your syllabus. You can always solve the CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper 2019 to understand your preparation level.

Time management 

Having to reproduce an entire year’s syllabus in a few hours is a difficult task. It is demanding, pressuring but yet very important. It is necessary to be able to allocate specific time to specific questions to be able to answer them perfectly. This will increase the quality of your preparation as well as your answer. Practicing previous years question papers will help you to be prepared to allocate the necessary time for each question and allow you to give your best in the limited time constraint. 


Maths is a difficult but easy and interesting subject. The key is to understand the concepts and not memorize the topics. It will give you an edge and confidence to excel in other chapters as well. Maths being a tough nut to crack, also has the potential to allow the students to score a centum. Study, practice and perform better for a bigger and brighter future.