But, as a first-time traveler, you must note the following ten things before traveling to London. While the stunning Thames, London Bridge, and London Eye form a picture-perfect background against the setting sun, there is much more that should go into your pocket diary.

London is a big city.

London is a big city for travel. Divided into 6 zones, it is well-connected by a massive layout of tube stations, buses, and taxi services. One of the best ways to travel is by using the tubes that are available every six to ten minutes. If you are in London for a day, then you must invest in a day pass that allows you to travel in buses and tubes for a full clock. Please note that if you are standing on the escalator, you must be towards the right. The left side is for those who wish to walk up.

Get entry into the best cocktail pubs and bars. 

London’s Soho is the place to be if you are someone who loves cocktails and drinks. With consecutive alleys of multiple bars, you can have your pick. Find world-renowned bartenders and beverages for the night. You can also enjoy live music and tap along. If clubbing is your scene, then London has top names such as Ministry of Sound, Tiger Tiger, and more. But traveling with luggage can be quite a menace. Thus, you can use the luggage storage victoria station services.

Museum entry is always free.

London has several museums, such as wildlife, natural history, art, music, culture, and more. If you love to know about the history of the city, then you must visit them. But how is it possible when you have a heavy bag on your shoulder? Well, these problems stand resolved with the exceptional luggage storage services. You can make an online booking to reserve space for the bags and store them as long as you want.

Walking between less-distant tube stations saves a lot of time. 

When it’s London, you need to walk! Sometimes, the tube stations may get extremely crowded during rush hours. Then, you must walk from one tube station to another. The online navigation facilities are excellent in London, and you can also take a city map from anywhere in the city. The best part about walking in London is you can stop for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and gorge on hot chocolate and strawberry waffles.

The hop-on, hop-off buses are remarkably cheap. 

If the pound value is pinching your pocket, then all you need to do is get a hop-on, hop-off ticket online. It is a London tour bus that stops at multiple tourist spots. After completing one location, jump onto the bus that comes your way. You can reuse the same ticket all day. But exploring the city with luggage bags can be quite daunting. Use Vertoe to store your luggage across London at extremely affordable rates.

If shopping is on your mind, head to Oxford Street.

Oxford Street is a paradise for shoppers. From low-cost brands to luxurious names, Oxford Street has it all. However, please note that London is a busy city where you need to be careful. Avoid carrying a big bag with you. Opt for a smaller fanny bag that you can tie around your waist. Also, do not leave your things in the trolley when you are shopping. Safety first!

Let’s indulge in the best fish and chips. 

Listen up, all food lovers! London is undoubtedly home to the best fish and chips in the world. Enjoy tender fish and crispy fries with the perfect base of mashed potatoes. Sip chilled beer with it while the pleasant weather adds to the setting. Don’t forget to have tea and cake for your evening snacks. After all, when in England, do as the Englishmen!

Spend time in the parks and Covent Garden. 

Spending time in nature is the best way for you to de-stress and feel one with yourself. Hyde Park has a fantastic view of the lake-side and ducks. You can enjoy ice cream, drinks, sumptuous dishes, and much more. Moreover, you may also run into a film star here because it is their favorite place to hang out in London. Click beautiful portraits at Covent Garden!

Have you heard of Camden Town?

Camden Town is a unique neighborhood in London. If you want to witness an entirely new side of the city, then this is the place for you. It has an attractive local market that sells all types of items. Find Ethiopian food, imported leather, and lip-smacking Pan-Asian cuisines here. In a nutshell, it is an excellent example of cross-culture living. Move out of your comfort zone and go on this adventure of discovery and learning.

Do not trust the weather! 

Never trust the London weather. Even if your weather app says that it is likely to be sunny, always remember to carry a jacket/raincoat with you. While an umbrella is also helpful, a coat is more useful, in case it gets windy. The aim is to cut down on extra luggage. But how do you do that? The answer is Vertoe!

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