It won’t be necessary to worry about who is going to receive your package when you’re not home, you just find it inside the house coming from work or wherever. The new service is called Amazon Key and available starting on November 8. It will be only for Prime members. Prime is a subscription service launched roughly 12 years ago to offer members two-day shipping within the United States.

This is one innovation that gives real money online gambling such as casino canada online a run for its money as the top innovation of this millennium. It’s a bit scary letting people inside your house especially when you’re not home but the service ensures that nothing bad will happen. The Amazon key full kit includes an Amazon security camera (the Cloud Cam) and your preferable smart lock. This whole kit cost starts at $249.99.

When you order something on Amazon you should click “in-home” as your shipping option for the package to be delivered inside your house. The camera is connected to the internet using your home Wi-Fi. When the in-home package arrives at your doorstep, Amazon cloud verifies the home address after scanning the barcode. After the verification process, if everything is correct, the Amazon cloud allows the camera to start recording. The key then unlocks by swiping the screen and after dropping off the package the courier swipes the screen again to relock.

The customer is notified that the package has been delivered; the notification is accompanied by a recorded video. Can best casinos online also invent something like this for freebies? This is one idea that will make delivery convenient for both courier companies and Amazon customer.

This service will be first available in 37 cities in the United States and it is expected to expand to other cities eventually. Amazon’s competitor Walmart launched the same delivery service method in October 2017.