If you’re planning a long-distance move, you’re probably wondering how you can get your car to your new home. There are a few different options worth looking into, and several factors will determine which solution best suits your individual situation.

In this article, we carefully evaluate the different ways you can transport your car when moving long-distance.

Rely On A Professional Car Shipping Company

The most viable solution to get your car to your new home is to rely on a car shipping company. With this, it’s crucial to choose the right shipping company. The best way to determine which transport service is best is to read through car shipping company reviews with top-rated transport services.

Moreover, you must also compare shipping costs between candidate companies and look into the costs of insurance to be covered in the odd case of vehicle damages during transit.

Enlist A Non-Professional To Drive Your Car

If the costs of relying on a shipping company exceed your budget for the move, you still have other options. For those on a tight budget, you could consider enlisting a non-professional to drive your car to your new home destination.

It’s wise to choose a trusted friend for this option, ensure the vehicle has enough fuel, and offer a bit of compensation for the effort depending on your budget.

Enlist A Professional Driver

Otherwise, if your budget has some leeway, you could consider employing a professional driver to get your car to your new home.

With this solution, it’s wise to look into the drivers’ background and ask for service references to ensure you’re relying on a trustworthy professional driver.

Whether you opt for a friend or a professional driver, it’s essential to speak to your auto insurance to have the temporary driver covered by your insurance policy for the trip. You might need to pay a small extra fee to add a new temp driver to your policy, but this cost is insignificant when considering the hefty costs of a car accident.

Do It Yourself

Lastly, you can also consider doing it yourself. With the DIY route, you can pack in some extra personal belongings to lighten the load with movers of your household contents.

This is also the cheapest option, although it will be the most time-consuming.

Selling Your Car

If none of the options listed above seem viable for your situation or your budget, the last resort is to sell your car and move without it.

If you decide to sell your car, you will need to consider renting a temporary vehicle upon arrival or purchasing a new or used car right away. Even though it might seem like the most economical option, you will need to consider the costs of a new car versus the resale value of your current car.

When deciding how you will move your car to your new home, consider the costs, risks, and time restraints that each solution is associated with. It’s also wise to give yourself some time to make a decision.