Perhaps one of the only things harder than finding a job you like and getting to stay in this glorious country, is getting your head around what Aussies mean by “marketing”. Down Under, the term seems to cover just about everything, door-to- door sales, call centre work, promotion, account managing…

The only thing that you can be sure about marketing, is that there is a lot of choice and a job somewhere out there for you. Even if it’s just for a couple of months to earn a few buckaroos for your next voyage.

Whilst Nicky Pearson, senior consultant at Stopgap, admits that, “marketing clients seem to be ‘tightening their belts’ and there is some economic caution at the moment,” she reassures us that Stopgap, “are still busy and have more roles at the junior to middle management level than senior”.

Although no qualifications are needed for many marketing roles (selling fruit door-to-door for example) you may find it harder to secure a top job without the right experience.

“We do need candidates to have some proven experience in marketing or marcoms as clients are looking for candidates to start and hit the ground running,” says Nicky.

Run fast though, and you could make a tidy sum. “With 1-2 years experience the rates are $200 – 250 per day. With 3-5 years experience the rates vary from $270-400 per day.”

Then there’s the big S word: sponsorship. What are your chances of achieving such a wondrous thing? “We’ve seen some very talented junior marketers and agency account handlers move from freelance work into permanent roles.”

So get looking in those “Op Shops” for a secondhand suit.


Interview with a… Marketing Co-ordinator

KIRSTEN SMITH, 25, from Britain

How long have you been in Australia?
Four months.

What made you decide to come and work in Australia?
I have always wanted to come and see Australia, especially Sydney. I had just been made redundant in the UK and decided it was now or never.

What job are you doing at the moment?
I am looking for a new contract in marketing but have previously worked for AIH Group (which owns a lot of restaurants in Sydney including the Sydney Tower Restaurant) and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

What’s the pay like?
The salaries in marketing over here are much higher than the salaries I was on in the UK, but the cost of living in Sydney is also fairly high in terms of rent and groceries.

Is sponsorship a possibility?
Not at the moment, but I am searching for sponsorship!
I want to stay in Australia for as long as possible.

Any good stories to tell about your new job?
One of the nicest surprises with AIH was when my boss asked me to hop on a plane to Canberra to deliver a document. I spent the day looking around… after finishing the job of course!

Any tips for travellers considering your job in Australia?
You are much more likely to be successful in job finding and at the top of recruitment agents minds if you meet with them and keep in regular contact by telephone or email.

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