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Sarah Yusuf
22, from England

How long have you been in Australia?
Three months now.

What did you do back home?
Recruitment consultant.

How did you land your new job?
By chance actually. I was doing my RSA at training course professionals and I got chatting to the managing director. He was looking for a staff member and I was looking for a job. Pretty lucky I guess.

What’s great about it?
I get to meet lots of new people and as we deal with backpackers, I get to make lots of new friends and give advice to people in the same boat as me. I also love the after work drinks.

How does working here compare to back home?
It is pretty different I think. Australia seems to be a lot more laid back. I am still trying to adapt to the way things are done here.

What’s the pay like?
I guess it’s an average salary. Enough to get by.

Is sponsorship a possibility?
Yes, I think with any job, if you are good at it then sponsorship is always a possibility.

Any good stories?
Ha ha… nights out are great but I’m not allowed to spill the goss!

Any tips for travellers considering your job?
Prepare to get up early. If you can get a job in this area you will love it, but I think getting that perfect position can be difficult, so always keep your eyes peeled.[Search live jobs now]