Ryan Sullivan 27, from USA

What made you decide to come and work in NZ? I wanted a complete change of pace to New York and it was easy to get a work visa for NZ.

How did you land your job? Through an agency.

And what exactly is it that you do? I started out doing various hospitality and labouring temp jobs and then ended up on a long-term assignment working for a roading company.

How does it compare to what you did back home? It’s unbelievably stress-free in comparison. I used to work as an administrator in a hospital and that was a job that I constantly took home with me. Where have you travelled so far, and where are you heading next? I’ve travelled all over the South Island and once I leave Queenstown I will travel the North Island and then over to Australia for a month.

Any funny stories to share? One memorable moment was finding a passport in the middle of a parking lot and then spotting the guy out in town later that day and being able to give it to him. He was stoked – it’s a small town!

What are the good points about your new job? It’s stress-free and I’m pretty much my own boss.

Are there any bad points? It’s boring.

How’s the money? Okay.

Any tips for other travellers considering snow jobs? Dress warm! Word of mouth and networking is key.

Why would you recommend it to others? It’s a nice mix of Kiwis and people from all over the world. This is as international a place as I have ever seen apart from New York. It’s beautiful and lots of fun.