Duncan Moulder 29, from England

Australia? Having been a qualified teacher for six years I decided I wanted to combine my passions for teaching, travelling and meeting new people.

And what’s your new job? I’m a casual teacher around central and suburban areas of Sydney. These experiences have really broadened my mind. Although some of the schools have been tough, I really get a sense of achievement from teaching.

What’s your best teaching experience? I was working at a Behavioural School for Intellectually Moderate Children. These pupils have to do their own distance education work with little or no help. I provided personal tuition to these children and to see a few previously baffling topics click with them was one of the most rewarding professional experiences of my career. I really felt that I made a difference.

What’s so good about your job? I can’t imagine there are many other jobs out there that are so rewarding. It’s a very special feeling when you see a pupil enjoying their learning and understanding work because of the way it has been taught to them.