If you’re searching for a rewarding business-oriented job in the new year, it’s wise to keep an eye on the hottest niches. What makes a particular position a magnet for job searchers? Besides long-term career prospects and excellent starting salaries, top jobs offer candidates the chance to become part of a growing, successful organization. Along with generous benefits packages, desirable entry-level positions offer comprehensive training, the chance to learn valuable skills, and much more.

This year’s jobs getting the most attention from new grads and career changers include those in fields like market research, management of vehicle fleets, human resources, and management consulting. Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all best job, and even of the worst jobs imaginable will still appeal to some people for one reason or another. That’s because your preferences and skills are two of the most crucial parts of the job satisfaction puzzle. Peruse the following hot positions for 2022 and see where you fit in.

Market Research Expert

Marketing research associates at all levels perform essential promotion, advertising, and analysis tasks. In many large corporations, all new hires must cycle through the marketing staff at one point in their rise to higher levels of management. Even accountants and financial analysts often do three-month stints in marketing departments to get a feel for how the company promotes itself and sells products. In the 2020s, promotion is gaining prestige in every industry, with companies of all sizes devoting vast capital resources to department expansion, training programs, and retention efforts. Even if you don’t have a degree in marketing, it’s possible to get hired as an entry-level analyst and receive on-the-job training in the market research function.

Fleet Manager

In transport businesses, fleet management is at the heart of daily operations. Those with all kinds of backgrounds apply for jobs in this fast-growing industry. Of course, it helps to have knowledge of how fleet management systems work, what techniques are currently the most popular, and why GPS fleet tracking software solutions are such a vital part of moving goods from Point A to Point B. New hires learn how to work with telematics programs and collect tachographic data like hours driven, miles logged, accumulated rest periods, fuel usage, and more. In fact, modern fleet programs are sophisticated computer applications that keep trucks running on time, operating safely, and on the road around the clock.

Human Resources Worker

Human resources departments are common across all industries. However, some small and medium-sized companies prefer to outsource the function to independent agencies for a fee. For 2022, the growth of HR departments has already begun, primarily because businesses need to do more vetting when hiring people who want to find remote work and who won’t be in traditional office settings. If you’re looking to get into HR, a college degree in liberal arts or business is an ideal starting point. If you want to improve your chances of getting hired, consider doing a summer internship in a corporate human resources department while you’re still in college.

Management Consulting Specialist

If you have a few years of work experience and have a knack for advising others, management consulting can be a rewarding field. It’s your choice to work as an independent practitioner or a paid employee of a large consulting firm. Many college grads take other jobs to pay the bills while slowly building up a client base for their consulting business.