What’s your job title and what does it involved on a day-to-day basis?

Social Media Executive- I look after VisitEngland’s social media channels by sourcing content, posting/tweeting, responding to queries etc. I also work closely with other departments within VE to ensure our messaging is in line. I have regular reports to compile on activities/campaigns we have been running on our platforms, as well as organising press trips across England for online journalists and bloggers.

What are your responsibilities? Your aims? 

Responsibility wise, I am involved in developing a social media strategy for VistEngland. Also overseeing all content and activity is a huge responsibility in its own right. I want to make sure our social media channels as helpful as possible for visitors looking to explore England. We try to include varied amount of information, to ensure there is something for everyone.

What’s been your greatest achievement?

Having been working as part of the PR team here at VisitEngland, the launch of our Fan in a Van campaign in Cornwall for the Torch arrival in May was pretty spectacular!

What’s been the most successful social media campaign you’ve been behind?

Most definitely our Fan in a Van campaign! We launched, back in March, a competition looking for England’s biggest fan, who was going to get to travel across England in  a camper van for the 70 days of the torch relay.

How did you get involved in social media?

Having worked in B2B electronics and Tech PR for a couple of years, I was keen to experience the consumer side of PR. An opportunity to join a social media agency came my way and the rest history, as they say!

What traits do you think are important for someone looking to get into social media?

Attention to detail is a must as well as great organisational skills. You need curiosity and a thirst for knowledge (without trying to sound too ridiculous), as it’s all about spotting stories which might be working for your brand and talk about them. And great social skills – it’s all about being social…!

What qualifications are needed?

There are no set industry qualifications in social media, however organisations such as CIPR have guidelines which we adhere to. Qualifications wise I have a BA (Hons) in Corporate Communications from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and have worked my way into social media.

What social media sites do you use?- I’m on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Which companies are good on social media?- I think the majority of consumer brands have understood and embraced to importance of social media. Obviously TNT Magazine is ranking very high in this category! There are loads to choose from; BrewDog, KLM, London 2012 Festivals and not to mention VisitEngland!

What’s the future of social media?

I think social media will be included in all marketing activities, rather than being ‘something extra’ on the side. Whether or not we’ll be using Facebook and Twitter in 5 years’ time, remains to be seen as the social media scene is constantly changing and new fads keep popping up – some will stay and some won’t. It’s all about keeping the finger on the pulse and make a call whether or not new social media trends will be suitable for your brand; one size doesn’t fit all.

What salary can people expect?

Depending on what your experience is and where the job is based, I would say the starting salary, new to the industry, is somewhere around the £20,000/pa mark.