So what’s this hospitality business all about then? According to wikipedia hospitality is, “the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, with liberality and goodwill”. Waffle, waffle.

In plainer English, the hospitality sector provides jobs in fun environments like hotels, restaurants, casinos, catering, and clubs and is a great way to meet new people.

If you are keen on working in hospitality this is the time to do it says Robyn Hill of Troys Hospitality Staff. “We are always recruiting. But it is now moving into our busy time of year as there are lots of functions taking place.”

So there may be plenty of jobs available but how do you make sure you get one. Well, timing is always important. But Robyn looks out for: “People who have the right skills for the job, are presentable and flexible with their availability”.

If you want to work in a booze-fuelled environment it’s important that you get the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate. That does mean doing a one-day course, but without it you won’t get a job involving alcohol in New South Wales or Queensland and most other states and territories prefer you to have it. Also if you want to work in a casino you’ll need the Responsible Conduct of Gambling certificate (RCG).

As for most jobs it helps to have an outgoing personality and the right experience – though the latter isn’t essential. You should expect to be paid around $25/hour for chefs, $20 for waiters and $19 for kitchen hands. Although you could be paid more at weekends. So just what are you waiting for? (Sorry.)

An Interview With A… Mixologist

Megan Wiskus
22, from California

What made you decide to come and work in Australia?
A desire to get out, see the world and not jump into the normal 8-5 gig right after I graduated. Sydney was screaming my name!

What job are you doing at the moment?
Mixologist (mixing cocktails) at The Observatory Hotel.

How did you get the job?
My charm, wit, and good looks! Hehe. By going on and then following up on my application and begging for an interview.

What’s the pay like?
Enough to let me have a social life and put a roof over my head – food in my stomach, but not enough to live like a queen (tips are a plus!)

What job did you have at home?
I worked in pubic relations at Sea World and bar tending at the West Inn.

How does working here compare to back home?
It’s way more laidback here and I’m allowed to hang out with my managers (which would be frowned upon back at home). Plus the pay is heaps higher in hospitality here!

Any good stories to tell about your new job?
On my second shift I dropped, spilled and broke a $30 glass of champagne on a guest. He was soaking wet and had broken glass all over his trousers. Whoops!

What’s great about your job?
1. I get to walk to and from work (30 minutes each way) so on top of getting paid I’m getting a nice tight bootay
and getting my legs in shape.
2. Tips.
3. Cool co-workers from all over the globe.

And what’s not all that great?
Working on the weekends and evenings and having to pretend that the customer is always right.

Any tips for travellers considering your job in Australia?
lf you want a social job that allows you to interact with others, keeps you on your toes and allows you to get people intoxicated – then a mixologist is your calling!

What’s your next destination?
Hopefully a surf-yoga retreat in Byron Bay then Melbourne for the Cup! Woohoo!