Warrick monty Oakes 25, British

What did you do at home? A door whore in a club. I worked in banking before that though.

So what do you do now? I work for a chartered accountants firm in Sydney, as an auditor.

How did you hear about this job? Through someone I knew. I was lucky. It has worked out very well.

What’s the pay like? Probably slightly better than England after tax breaks and so on.

Is sponsorship a possibility? I am sponsored. Popped across on a Working Holiday visa and have been here ever since, switching the visa as I went along. Accountants are highly sought after so it was easy.

How does working here compare to back home? I live in Bondi and work in the city overlooking the bridge. It is lovely. So I reckon that’s probably better than being back home.

What’s your next destination? Not too sure. Melbourne seems good. But undoubtedly a woman will tell me where to go.

Any good stories to tell about your new job? My littlest friend, Michael Pokie, told everyone at work he was gay. It was funny.

What’s great about your job? There is a fellow from Dubai that wears a two collared shirt to work.

And what’s not all that great? There are some English fellows that wear only one collared shirts to work.

Any tips for travellers considering your job in Australia? Get down to a recruitment agent, there are generally a lot of positions available so getting a position if you are serious should not be too arduous.