Alexandra Hamilton 26, Worcestershire, UK

So, what’s your new job like? And what exactly is it? Working for Design Driven has provided me with an opportunity to work at a host of exciting events across Victoria, such as the Grand Prix at Phillip Island and numerous AFL games. The job really involves being able to approach a variety of people confidently and enthusiastically about whatever product we may be promoting.

How does your new job compare to your job back home? I am an actress in the UK so apart from talking to different people frequently, my job at home differs quite dramatically, although I suppose instead of promoting other people’s products/businesses I am promoting myself. I have been involved in promotions though for many years, working as a brand ambassador and hostess for many different companies.

What are the good points about your new job? The flexibility of being able to take as many or as few shifts as I want therefore allowing me to experience my time in Melbourne to the fullest, working with lots of new people frequently and making new friends. Also every job you do is different so you don’t get bored doing one thing. It is also fun getting involved in some of the great events that happen here.

Any bad points? It can be daunting sometimes to go to different shifts and have a whole new bunch of people to work with every time. I know that can be a fear for some people, but you quickly get to know the group of people you work with. Also you have to be prepared to work in all weathers but you quickly get to work on that Aussie tan.

Any funny stories to share? During my first few weeks here, I was able to attend my first AFL game. It was great to see the difference between UK football and Aussie Rules and get involved in all the celebrations, even though I didn’t know anything about the teams. We were promoting a health fund in the colours of Geelong (to non-Aussies, these guys won this year) so I feel I was part of a special day in Aussie history…

How’s the pay? The pay is good and much better than you find in most retail or office jobs.

Where to next? I plan to travel across Australia continuing my promotional work from next April until June, and then travel across Asia, to the States and finally home sweet home.

Any advice for other travellers considering your job? Go for it! It’s the best option for someone travelling because it really does give you that chance to meet lots of new people and make friends without getting tied up in a nine to five, as well as earning some great money.