Tess Carey, 23

Why did you pick Australia? The money is better over here and I wanted to experience something different.

How did you get your job?  I studied marine biology in New Zealand and then did a dive instructor’s course. I found the job through my course and flew over straight away.

What exactly do you do? I teach people how to dive and guide  certified divers around the reef.

How’s the pay? It’s generally pretty good, depending who you work for.

Any memorable moments? Living in the Whitsundays during the winter time is the best, not only is the weather amazing, but the whales are there too.

Are there any bad points about the job? Yes, diving when it’s cold.

What courses did you take? I completed the dive instructor course, but you have to do the four other qualifications or levels before you can start the instructor course.

What costs are involved? Around $5,000 all up to get qualified.

How easy is it to get a job? If you’re keen then you should be able to pick up work, especially in tourist spots like the Whitsundays.

Is there potential for sponsorship? Yes, I’ve heard that there is, but I’ve not had much experience with this living in Australia and being from New Zealand.

Is there potential for travel? Yes, absolutely. This is one of the main reasons I got my dive instructor’s qualification.