What made you decide to come and work in Australia? I was actually travelling with a backpack when I ran out of money. Sydney seemed like a good place to get some work underway and earn some cash.

What’s your job? I am an FX Dealer at Westpac bank. So essentially I buy and sell currency for my portfolio of clients.

How did you land your job? I got the job after about three stressful months of looking. Fortunately I found a ‘middle office’ role on a four-month contract getting paid by the hour.

What’s your next destination? Next destination is New York. It’s always been a dream to play there for a year or so. We have a New York desk over there so it’s on the horizon if not through my current employer then through someone else. I would also like to go home to London at some point and test myself as that is truly the toughest place to play.

What job experiences did you have before you arrived? I got a job straight out of uni with an investment bank. I was lucky, they were actually desperate to find someone in Middle Office Trade Support. I was in the right place at the right time. I worked my balls off for 18 months then left to go travelling.

How does your job in Australia compare to back home? From a work point of view it pisses all over England. I start work at 7.30am and am done pretty much by five, depending on what’s happening in the market. In England I’d be finishing consistently at 7.30/8pm. The culture of Australia is to have that work/ life balance. It’s more important to them that you get out there, maybe head to the beach after work and relax. Although my job here is stressful at times, it’s not on the same level as the UK.

What’s the pay like? I’m fortunate that I earn more than enough to live well and do what I like doing. Plus we get an annual bonus (if we have done well).

Have you been sponsored? Yes, but I must admit I was offered it during the time they would let ‘anyone’ in. Now, as I understand it, it is a lot tougher as everyone wants to come over to Oz. Currently the company has submitted my residency forms, so hopefully soon I will be fully fledged.

Any good job tips? As boring as it sounds, work hard. It’s a cliché but you would not believe the amount of people out there who don’t put in the hard yards. The guys who go the extra mile do get noticed. Also be happy, have a laugh. Personality is key in business. No one likes a dickhead but no one likes a boring bastard either.