Jen Crusvar 29, CANADA

What made you decide to teach in Australia? I’ve always wanted to live in Australia (the beaches and men were the biggest selling point) and after visiting one summer I was sold.

How did you land your new job? Through Randstad Education. I was able to obtain work in child care centres while I was waiting on my teaching number.

And what do you do? Casual teacher and child care assistant.

How does teaching in Australia compare to back home? It all seems just a little more laidback. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t show up late in thongs, but it’s just a bit more relaxed. I teach primary so the subject matter is pretty similar and the kids keep me on my toes just like back home.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia for? I am on a working holiday visa, so I get one year, but I could have had two if I had planned ahead!

Where have you worked so far, and what is your next destination? I worked in Cairns and Brisbane in other fields. Now, I have worked all around Sydney. I think I will finish my visa in this city, as there”s a lot going on.

What’s your best teaching experience? I was given a lesson on Aussie slang, and how Australia “really is” in the eyes of street-smart teenage boys. Needless to say, I learned a lot more that day then they did.

Any days not that great? Some days can be stressful but as long as you don’t take things too seriously or personally you can get through anything they challenge you with. After all, who doesn’t remember loving to mess with the substitute teacher as a kid?

How does the pay compare to your expectations? It’s really good. Australia is an expensive place, so I was really happy that our pay reflects that. Teaching is a great way to fund your travels.

What advice can you give other keen travellers/teachers-to-be? Get your paperwork out of the way before you come. It’s hard to be organised (and have a proper address) while travelling so get it out of the way before you get here.

Why would you recommend your job to others? It’s great for beginner or experienced teachers because there are lots of different types of schools and placements you can try out. You will never have a boring day at a school. As a traveller I recommend it because you can make good money without being tied down.