Paul Cullen from the UK

What made you decide to teach in Australia? To experience the Australian culture and being a teacher supported this. I also wanted to have a career break from full time teaching/planning.

How did you land your new job? Through the agency Randstad Education. They helped me out in the UK as well.

And what exactly is it that you do now? Casual teaching in a variety of primary schools and special needs teaching.

How does teaching in Australia compare to back home? There’s more freedom as a teacher here and there seems to be a better work/life balance.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia for? I’m currently on my second Working Holiday visa and I have worked for nearly 12 months so far.

Where have you worked and where’s next? I started in Sydney and stayed there. Where next, who knows? New Zealand or China?

Want to share your best teaching experience? There has been many good teaching experiences. Most days are rewarding but maybe one of the best has been witnessing the diversity of cultures between government and private schools.

Any days not that great? As a causal teacher you must be prepared to be challenged and days that aren’t that great include being placed on a block with a very challenging class.

How does the pay compare to your expectations? I’m very happy with my rate of pay – my UK experience has been recognised.

What is your advice for teachers-to-be? To be flexible, have resources and be willing to travel. You have to think on the spot some days and share experiences from home. Treat every day and each class like it was your’s full time.

Would you recommend your job to others? Definitely. Hours are great and you don’t take work home!