Samantha, 21, from the UK

What made you decide to come to Australia? I am here to study and to see if I can start a business once I complete my degree.

How did you land your new job? I came across an agency online called Redlight Recruitment who specialises in the recruitment of staff in the adult entertainment industry. I called them for more information, had an interview with them and they recommended me to Fuscia Entertainment who I am currently with now.

And what exactly is it that you do now? I am a lingerie waitress and exotic dancer.

Had you done that sort of thing before? What was your last job back home? Not in a million years! My last job in the UK was a researcher for the medical field.

How long do you plan to work in Australia for? For as long as I can as I absolutely love the new lifestyle.

Where have you worked so far, and what is your next destination? I’ve worked in NZ, Queensland, Victoria and currently in Sydney. My next destination will be the USA.

Were you nervous on your first night? Oh yes! I forgot to undo my bra strap!

Any days not that great? Tuesdays are a little slow, however the girls have a lot of fun whether the place is packed or not.

How does the pay compare to your expectations? It blew me away how much you can make in this field as an entertainer.

Has it led to any other work, like modelling? I am shooting at the moment to see if my pics are good enough for modelling work.

How about other travellers? What sort of reaction do you get? All my friends know what I do and I will usually strip down to my g-string when I’m on the town with my friends!

What can you advise other keen travellers considering your job? If you need quick cash to pay debts or to enjoy your holiday, consider working in this industry. Let’s face it, getting paid a plastic surgeon’s hourly rate with no experience or qualifications at all speaks for itself.