Why come to Oz?
I was fed up with the weather in the UK and I have always wanted to live by the sea.How did you get your job? By registering with Randstad Education prior to arriving into Sydney.

And what do you do?
I am working as a casual primary school teacher in schools around Sydney.

How does teaching here compare to back home?

After teaching full time for three years, it is different being a casual teacher. Meeting new students each day is challenging and interesting but exciting.

How long do you plan to teach in Australia for?
My visa is a one year working holiday visa, but I hope to stay here a little longer.

Where have you been?
Just around Sydney so far, but the job allows me plenty of time to travel. My friends are visiting at Christmas so I will probably show them some spots on the east coast.

Want to share you best teaching experience?
Some of the hilarious things that children say. They have no filter and they generally call it how they see it. A group of seven-year-old girls once told me that my tie, shirt and shoes combo “was all wrong”.

Any days not that great?

Of course, it’s the same as any job I guess. The bad days just make you appreciate the good days all the more.

How’s the pay?
The pay is actually fantastic. It matches, if not beats the casual pay scale in London.

Any tips?
You need to get yourself registered with the state you will be living in and have all the relevant documents to hand. It can take some time.

Would you recommend your job to others?
Most definitely. You do need a certain amount of patience and a positive outlook on things, but it is a very rewarding job and it certainly beats working at a desk.