What made you decide to come and work in Australia? It all started with a dream I had. I needed a break from the Island I love so much. This break will facilitate space, adventure, experience and lifelong memories.

What is your current job? I am contracting in the Rio Tinto finance department here in Brisbane.

How did you get your current job? I used a recruitment agency to help me get started. They recommend you to a vacancy and it was down to me to finish off the job with an interview.

How does your job in Australia compare to back home? It’s better here. It’s more flexible and I work less hours.

What’s the pay like? The pay is very good especially if you are contracting.

What’s the best work related advice you were given? Take a good look out the window now and again and question yourself.

What’s your best advice for other travellers considering your job? Just make sure your CV doesn’t sell yourself short. No matter what your experiences, be sure to include them.

And what’s your next destination? Who knows where it will be.