If you want a job to keep you in beer funds without the commitment, then casual labour is for you. The beauty of being employed as a casual worker is that contracts can last for as long as six months, but could be as short as a day. So, suddenly been offered a seat on a road trip mission? Damn yeah!

You can travel when you want to and work when you need to. There are also various types of work available in many different sectors including retail, construction, traffic control and promotions. “I believe that there is plenty of work out there for the right people across Australia,” Stan Kyselov from Edway Group recruitment agency told us, despite adding “it can be hard to predict the amount of vacancies, as the market is always changing”.

According to Stan, the rate of pay for casual employees usually starts at about $20 per hour. Workers with specific required skills will usually earn more. Many agencies offer training for green cards and confined space tickets, which are vital for working in the Aussie construction industry. “Although specific qualifications are not required for most casual work, employees who have experience using power tools and those who are fast learners and physically fit usually find it easier to gain work,” Stan said. So how does one go about getting that all important interview? “Make sure your CV is always up-to-date and that it includes all your experiences in Australia,” Stan concluded.