Some people do some very interesting things when job seeking. From CVs in the form of board games to a job application hidden beneath a Dunkin’ Donuts box, businesses large and small must have seen everything by now. If you’ve got the guts, then these ‘big pitch’ ideas can definitely work and are certainly impressive, but they aren’t surefire ways of gaining work. There are other – some would say cooler – methods of promoting yourself on your path to finding a job.

Carry a few business cards with you

A scene in the 2000 movie American Psycho may have made a hilarious statement on how seriously some people can take business cards, but it’s not without some merit, as those little pieces of paper still manage to impress people. Not outdated by any means, a good business card, given at the right time, is a memorable way to catch attention.

Picture yourself at a bar or party: You might get chatting to someone working in the same industry who knows of a vacancy for someone with your skillset – what better way of advertising yourself than a business card? Granted, you’ll have to buy some first that have an attractive design, but if you get this done online, you could be handing out business cards by this time next week.

Research the company

If you get the chance to have an interview, then it’s not just cool to know a lot about the company you’re applying for and what they do, but it’s downright respectful. Do you know about Nike’s sustainability methods? Do you know the latest models of Audi cars? Do you know the newest adverts released by Coca-Cola? You’d best know before you set foot in their doors, in addition to things like names of the CEOs and how many current employees there might be. You can use sites like Glassdoor to find out more info on a company, as well as salary expectations for particular roles.

Get your CV online

Finally, sometimes the best way to apply for a job is by actually through LinkedIn. There are thousands of success stories of people who were headhunted through LinkedIn, as many companies specifically use this platform to find employees. Make sure your past work experience and talents are up to date, and you may well find job offers start popping up when you didn’t even apply. Although we’d still recommend scouring job sites and giving away business cards too, but in 2017, you need to have a LinkedIn account.

And hey, if you keep checking TNT Magazine for job offers regularly, you’ll find that there are even ninja positions available sometimes! Now that’s cool.