If you are a crypto enthusiast and also enjoy traveling, then you might be delighted to find out that there are many crypto-friendly cities scattered around the world. The Binance data shows that in the last years, crypto went from being an obscure term to a hot topic. So, the world is finally catching up on cryptocurrencies, although some investors have sung the praises of digital currencies, like Ethereum and Blockchain, for a very long time.

If traveling is one of your favorite activities to try, and you also prefer to pay with digital coins rather than cash, there are plenty of destinations you can visit that accept and encourage crypto payments. Interested to know more about these places? Keep reading.


Also referred to as “the blockchain island”, Malta is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the whole world. The nation operates with a well-established regulatory framework for all blockchain innovations, so the island has become one of the most important leaders both in tourism and the blockchain industry. Malta offers holidaymakers the best environment if they want to enjoy a warm Mediterranean climate, delivering crystal-clear coastal waters, stunning beaches, a vibrant culture with more than 120 diving sites, outstanding gastronomy, restaurants, nightlife and a rich history with underground sanctuaries, prehistoric temples, towers and forts.

Furthermore, digital currency enthusiasts can use crypto to pay for their service virtually, as they will not need fiat money. Malta is one of the most crypto-friendly nations worldwide, and this is why it is possible to purchase everything with virtual coins. From accommodation, fine dining and sports to cab rides, real estate and even tattoos, Malta has a wide variety of services that can be paid with digital coins.

Satoshi Island

Satoshi Island is a private island created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for cryptocurrencies enthusiasts. It is a tropical destination located in the South Pacific and has become the first crypto-only luxury tropical place that is dedicated to the digital asset community.

Satoshi Island provides ownership in the tropical land with the help of NFTs that represent real estate. The main aim of Satoshi Island is to become the crypto capital worldwide. So, if you are an adventurous crypto enthusiast looking for a remote tropical destination, then you might want to give Satoshi Island a try.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the largest crypto-friendly cities around the world, offering visitors a cosmopolitan and welcoming vibe with stunning museums, a rich cultural heritage, extensive parks, unique tradition, vibrant nightlife and historical architecture – all of which are accessible with crypto payments.

Digital currency adoption is very popular in Buenos Aires, and this fact can be seen everywhere. For example, in April 2022, Buenos Aires announced that the city would allow citizens to pay taxes with crypto because the use of virtual coins as a means of payment has increased in the town throughout the years. Cryptocurrencies are typically used by locals as a good solution to the tightly controlled Argentinian Peso, but they can also be utilized to attend nightlife events, rent holiday accommodation or pay for fine dining experiences.


Since the genesis of Bitcoin, Japan has remained one of the most essential crypto-friendly nations, representing an important destination for crypto tourism. Tokyo is home to an extensive list of organizations, businesses and blockchain ventures alongside thousands of retail stores, hotels and restaurants that accept payments with digital currencies.

For instance, cryptocurrencies are accepted as payments at some of the most iconic bars and restaurants in Tokyo, including Two Dogs, Taproom and Dot & Blue. Additionally, other famous restaurants such as Nikogatou and Jinanbou Ramen accept crypto payments, as well as a vast spectrum of high-tech hotels.

San Francisco

Throughout the United States, the city that has the highest number of blockchain and crypto companies is San Francisco. This is why, across the entire city, you will find over 200 companies that have introduced crypto payments and more than 60 Bitcoin ATMs. Additionally, San Francisco is home to plenty of bars and restaurants that accept payments with digital assets, including Spirito’s Italian Diner, Pizza Patrón and Curry Up Now, among many others.

San Francisco allows people to pay with crypto for their meals, as well as for all the services and products from hotels, nightclubs, cafes and shopping centers. So, this American city is a must-place for any crypto enthusiast.


Berlin is the capital of Germany and a remarkable destination for people who want to use digital currencies in numerous restaurants and bars. This happens because various companies accept crypto payments in Berlin. Do you fancy renting a car to get around the city faster? Well, you can consider rental services by paying with crypto. You can also pay with digital assets at Lieferheld if you want to eat a tasty pizza or at Leuchtstoff Kaffeebar if you wish to drink a hot cup of coffee.

Other cities in Germany, such as Munich, Hanover and Frankfurt, are also becoming more crypto-friendly. So, Germany is expected to attract many crypto enthusiasts in the future.


Ljubljana might not be the most popular city in the world, but it is a great destination for crypto lovers. Ljubljana has shown its dedication to Bitcoin, constructing the “Bitcoin City”, which represents the first Bitcoin-friendly shopping center, having over 500 retail stores that accept digital currencies as payments. This is why Ljubljana is a must-see town for the ones looking to splurge out their virtual coins. Additionally, the place is maintaining its initiatives in becoming more eco-friendly, having over 200 merchants that accept crypto payments and four Bitcoin ATMs.


When you hear of Switzerland, you probably associate it with spectacular mountains, Swiss chocolate, cheese and luxury goods. However, you shouldn’t forget that Switzerland is also an important country that adopted cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. For example, Zug, a small town in Switzerland, has become one of the most famous blockchain and crypto cities around the world. Additionally, Zug is the home of the Crypto Valley, which has more than 840 businesses in the crypto and blockchain industries.

Which of these destinations do you want to visit?