If you are renting a property you probably have a lot of restrictions imposed on you by the landlord with regards to how much you can decorate or personalise the property. However, there are a lot of ways you can actually get around these rules without losing your security deposit!

1. Hang art up without damaging the walls – you have probably heard of command strips and maybe already use these, but if not then you need to get yourself some immediately. They allow you to hang pretty much anything on the walls and will not pull off the plaster when you have to take it down. Or you can try something like these canvas prints in custom shapes that come with an easy magnetic hanging kit meaning they can easily be replaced, removed or rearranged without causing any damage!

2. Self-adhesive flooring and removable wallpaper – You probably cannot paint your walls or hang wallpaper up but have you ever heard of removable wallpaper? This revolutionary invention means you can create a super trendy feature wall in your rented property or completely change the whole colour scheme of a room. A similar product is selfadhesive flooring that is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom to cover up any ugly tiles. Products like these basically allow to completely redecorate for half the price and half the effort! Simply pull it all off when it is time to move out and no one will be any the wiser.

3. Area rugs – As amazing as self-adhesive flooring is, it is not the best option for covering carpets. The solution to this is to get yourself some large area rugs to hide old threadbare carpets or hideous old-fashioned patterns. A large fluffy rug can make a room look so much more stylish and modern, as well as providing a more pleasant surface to walk on.

4. Plants – There may be some rules about moving furry friends in with you but there should be no restrictions on bringing in your little plant nursery. I recommend plants to everyone when decorating because they bring life and joy into even the most cramped space. You can create a jungle of large-leafed plants or opt for an array of colourful flowers to act as a natural air freshener and add a splash of colour.

5. Replace the curtains – Curtains and blinds are often easy to change as it is usually just a matter of unhooking the old ones and hanging up new ones. If you ask your landlord they will probably be fine with this type of customisation. If you have a landlord who is a bit of a grump then you can probably get away with just doing it without letting them know. Just make sure you keep the old curtains to hang back up when you move out.

6. Soft furnishings – Utilise throws, blankets and cushions especially if you are renting somewhere that is already furnished. You can cover up sofas or armchairs with blankets and throw pillows to create the appearance of an entirely new living room set. You can even purchase furniture covers specifically meant to go over sofas in order to make them look like new.