Often as travel buffs, we tend to miss the magic of some places that are very much near to us. We often bathe admiration for distant exotic destinations simply because they are far from us and would be more time-consuming and tiring to reach there. It is therefore advisable to explore the inner depths of nearby destinations and not just scratch the very best of the theme that they are known for.

For example, the Canary Island in the southern part of the European continent has much to offer other than the exotic beaches that it is usually known for. The Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven islands off the coast of Morocco. They have a long sandy beach and are also popular with surfers and scuba divers. The pristine waters and luxurious resorts are sure to impress. It is almost 2000 km from Spain and .4000 km from the British Isles but it is a peculiar mix of both African and European cultures. It has panoramic landscapes that have their roots from its volcanic eruptions, and its incredible flora and fauna make it a living encyclopedia that needs to be explored with immense dedication to appreciate its true beauty. The Cuisine draws inspiration from both continents thus being a bridge that connects the taste buds of both African and Spanish ancestry.

So, having said all of it here are some Understated beauties that you must explore while you visit the Island the next time.


Though one of the main islands of the Canary which most people are already aware of, the cultural significance of the island cannot be denied. Tenerife is a vibrant island, offering bustling cities, historic old towns, and awe-inspiring nature. You can arrive by cruise ship to Santa Cruz, the island’s main port. There is a free shuttle from the port to the main attractions on the island.

The island’s diverse landscape provides plenty of fun activities for everyone: you can sunbathe on the perfect beach, go snorkeling with turtles, hike through deserted canyons, or enjoy the beautiful shopping in Santa Cruz and the historic center of La Laguna. While visiting the island you can always book your stay at a Iberostar hotel in the Canary Islands, where they offer the best luxuries with multiple stay options in Tenerife at Costa Adeje and Santa Cruz. It is where you get to meet the amalgamation of both north African and European cultures. From its museums, gardens, streets, and food you will find the heart of the Island chain.

Playa De Jandía

If you’re visiting the Costa Blanca, in Lanzarote, and would like to see some amazing beaches, you’ll find that PLAYA DE JANDÍA is the perfect destination for you. This island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and you won’t want to miss these following spots:


  • Salt Marshes

Salt marshes are an important habitat for birds, migratory birds, and marine life. The area is protected from human activity because of its fragile environment. It is a biosphere reserve and is home to rare species of birds, including those from North Africa and Europe. Its unique ecosystem is filled with various types of plants that thrive on salty ocean water.

Playa de Sotavento is located on the southeast coast of the Jandia Peninsula and covers an area of about 20 kilometers. The area has high dunes and elongated lagoons that are ideal for swimming, surfing, and other outdoor activities.

  • Sea Turtle Recovery And Conservation Centre

Sea Turtle Recovery and Conservation Center in PLAYA DE JANDÍA is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of sea turtles and educating the public about the threats these endangered creatures face. This rehabilitation center provides food, medicine, and surgeries for sea turtles in need of care. The organization also performs educational outreach programs in the surrounding communities.

The center is part of a larger project to reintroduce Loggerhead sea turtles to the island. The facility also works closely with Cape Verde to procure donor turtle eggs.

El Hierro

El Hierro is the southernmost island of the Canary Islands and is a true paradise for scuba divers. The island features turquoise waters and amazing marine life, as well as a diverse landscape of volcanic cliffs and valleys. The island is part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Its varied terrain contains desert areas, fertile plains, and dense pine woods.

One of the least visited the Canary Islands, El Hierro is an intriguing island with a rich history. In the past, this island was known as the End of the Earth and was a jump-off point for explorers on their journeys to the unknown. It was also known as the Isla del Meridiano until the 19th century, and today, it remains relatively unspoiled by modern tourism. The island is also home to many unique home rentals and boutique hotels.

Culinary Experiences in the Canary Islands

The culinary experience is another reason to visit Canary Islands. If you’re a foodie, be sure to sample the local dishes. The island has a diverse culinary scene, with traditional dishes such as Pollo al Salmorejo or the famous papas arrugás with mojo picón. Traditional Canarian dishes feature fresh produce and are prepared with natural ingredients. In addition to tasty meals, these islands also has a unique culture centered around slow living. Traditional family tavernas offer home-cooked dishes. Moreover, fresh bread is a staple in local cooking.

Still, if you are looking to have some of the most mouth-watering cuisines in the canary islands along with your stay you could always choose to stay at the Iberostar hotel in the Canary Islands.


The Canary Islands can be visited for a wide variety of reasons ranging from its beautiful beaches to its volcanic scenery, culture, food, and language. If these do make your travel bug inside you droll nothing else will.