If you are planning your next family vacation, you should choose a destination where there are lots of exciting and fun activities to do with children. Choosing the ideal place is not easy, because not all of them are suitable for children, but Tenerife is. This is a perfect place to spend an unforgettable time that children will never forget.

In Tenerife, there are so many activities to do that your child will never get bored. They can go on fantastic whale watching excursions, go to the beach, do swimming activities, stroll through the historical sites of the city and much more. Undoubtedly, this destination offers you the best and most varied options for summer and year-round fun.

Now, planning a vacation is not easy, because you have to organize it very well. But so that this is not too much work for you, we have created a complete guide of things to do in Tenerife with kids so you will know what your best options are. And you will create a complete and fun itinerary to explore Tenerife like never before.

Dolphin and whale watching Los Gigantes

Seeing dolphins and cetaceans is an activity that you can’t do anywhere in the world, but in Tenerife you can. Specifically in Los Gigantes there are excursions that will allow you to live an experience while you learn and see the wonderful species that inhabit the locality.

Tenerife has a wonderful nature full of cetaceans, a beautiful ocean and cliffs that are worth seeing. You can enjoy all this with this catamaran excursion, where you can relax and enjoy a family day sailing the sea and meeting the most wonderful species of the sea.

This is a learning activity, so while it takes place you will learn important details about marine life, what they eat, the migration process and much more. In addition, you will have the beach of Masca to take a dip, enjoy the sun and the sand and then return to your hotel with all the comforts.

This activity has a duration of 4.5 hours and you can’t miss it. You can book whenever you want, as there are departures every day, and if you need to make a cancellation, it will be free if you give at least 24 hours notice.

Diving for children

Family vacations are always very demanding, as children are always very energetic and get bored easily. That is why it is essential to sign them up for fun activities such as the diving program for children.

This is an activity that is aimed at children over 10 years old and are willing to live an adventure at sea. They will be able to dive into the ocean to learn what this mysterious world hides while having a great time.

Regarding safety, these programs are taught by professionals in the area. The children will be in charge of a professional PADI instructor and will have all the equipment they need at hand. Thus, the activity will be carried out without any risk, but with a lot of fun.

Get to know the emblematic places of Tenerife

Exploring is something kids love to do, so they can’t miss the opportunity to see the most important sites in Tenerife for kids. One of them is the Science Museum, which is designed for children under 10 years old. This is an interactive museum where they will learn while having fun.

Another good option is to visit the PIT of Santa Cruz. This is a place of activities that has options for children and its entrance fee is 9 € and if the visitor is a child under 3 years old they will get in for free. There you can find the fun and impressive slides, restaurants with typical Canarian food and attractions that depending on the time of the year can be different.

Visit the natural pools

Tenerife is a wonderful summer destination because the sun is always present. That’s why you can never miss a good dip. If you’ve been to the beach a lot and you’re bored, you’ll probably want to try a pool. An excellent thing about Tenerife is that you can find many on the coast, and these can be artificial or natural.

Anywhere in the world you can get an artificial pool, so we discard these to pay more attention to the natural ones. So when the temperature rises you can go south to the pool of Los Abrigos which is one of the best. There you can go with children to spend a different day and refresh yourself with its warm waters.

Now, there are not only natural pools in the south, but in the north you can also find some. The best of all the natural pools is Jover, although you can’t miss Charco del Viento and Charco los Chochos.

Visit the Teide National Park

If you are looking for a family adventure, you can take an excursion to the Teide National Park. This is a challenging activity, as the distances are quite long, and for the little ones it can be tiring. It is best to bring enough water and make several stops along the way.

In case you are not willing to do the whole tour, don’t worry, because you have options. There are other viewpoints much closer where you can take a good picture and enjoy the scenery. An excellent thing about this activity is that children over 2 years old can do it without any inconvenience. And in case they are under 2 years old, they can also go, but they will sign a document of acceptance of responsibility.