Miami is a tourist city in the state of Florida that welcomes many travelers looking for new adventures. This tropical paradise offers adventurers activities on the ocean and beaches. A boat rental is a good way to enjoy your nautical stay in the sun while sailing and doing other activities.

To do this, visit the website of SamBoat, a web platform that lists and rents boats for vacations. The company offers a wide range of boats for all budgets. Which boat to choose? What is the procedure for renting a boat from Samboat? Here are some answers.

Samboat’s low-end boats

Samboat offers its clientele to rent a boat in miami at a discounted price on the market. These are mostly semi-rigid boats with a powerful engine. In general, the offers for low-end boats concern models equipped with a 4-stroke engine that can provide 200 horsepower. These boats can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots.

However, other boats in this category are equipped with a 90 hp engine. Therefore, these boats are suitable for exploring the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the low-end boats available for rent have a capacity of 4 to 12 passengers. They are safe for children and adults.

In fact, the RIBs available for rent in Miami have a roll bar to hold on to when going up in speed. Also, when you rent a low-end boat from Samboat, you get lifebuoys, water skiing and diving equipment. Also, most of these boats have a mini deck for sunbathing.

Samboat’s mid-range boats

Samboat also offers mid-range boat rentals. Equipped with a more powerful engine, these boats are also more spacious. Here is the presentation of the yachts in this category.

Sweerwater 2486

Designed in 2015, the Sweerwater 2486 is a motorized pontoon boat ideal for ocean excursions. In fact, this craft has a 60 hp motor suitable for cruising at a slow speed along the beaches of Miami. This boat, moored at the beach in Sunny Isles, is easy to drive. It combines comfort and luxury for the well-being of travelers.

The boat is rented from 400 euros with or without a captain to drive the vacationers. In fact, the Godfrey Marine Sweetwater 2486 has a length of 7.8 meters to hold an average of 8 people and a maximum of 12. It has cozy seats to sit and share a meal with the family while enjoying the ride.

Sea Ray sundancer 38

The See Ray sundancer 38 is a mid-range yacht designed in 2002. This boat is rented at 500 euros for a 2 hours trip or 4 hours with a Skyper. It embarks a powerful motorization of 350 hp and thus provides an average speed of 60 knots on the waters. Thus this boat is appropriate for the people frightened of strong sensations.

With its length of 6 meters, the Sea Ray sundancer 38 can support 10 people. It has a bunk to rest inside. Also, travelers can take advantage of the equipment included such as GPS, Wakeboard, depth sounder … to spend a pleasant moment on the Atlantic Ocean in Miami.

Lagoon 42

Miami vacations will be more wonderful aboard the Lagoon 42, a catamaran for rent in Fort Lauderdale. Built in 2019, this mid-class boat is known for its sails that bring speed. It is designed on 12.8 meters with 4 cabins for travelers. Samboat offers a day charter or a full week charter to enjoy the boat and sea recreation.

Also, the Lagoon 42 catamaran can embark 8 passengers adults and children. In fact, it has 7 berths to rest during the stay at sea. Thus, this sailboat offers the possibility to travel a long distance on the Atlantic Ocean. The rental conditions of this boat are flexible as well as the price to pay for it.

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Luxury boats at Samboat

If you have a huge budget to spend the vacations on a boat in Miami, opt for the luxury boats of Samboat. In fact, the company offers a wide range of prestigious boats with powerful engines ranging from 1000 hp to 3000 hp. These boats are designed with top quality materials.

The luxury boats have several cabins and terraces for the comfort of the passengers. They also have a deck at the front or at the back for sunbathing.  In general, it is possible to rent these boats for a day. The rental cost does not include the captain’s fee. Also, enjoy the service of a hostess during your ride on the sea.

The average price for boat rental at Samboat

Regardless of the category of boat you choose at Samboat, the cost of rental is within the reach of every wallet. RIBs can cost anywhere from 120 euros to 389 euros to rent. In reality, this price depends mainly on the quality of the boat and its size. Also, the owners offer additional paying offers such as Wakeboard or towed buoy.

For mid-range boats, the daily rental price starts at 520 euros. However, these offers are published in small numbers in the catalog of yachts for rent in Miami. To find a boat in this category, you need to spend 730 euros, or even more for some models of boats.

Procedures for renting a boat

Book a boat in Miami on the Samboat website. Just select the type of boat you want to rent for: partying, fishing or tourism. Then, indicate the rental period (one day or one week) and the site specifies the amount to pay. The renter must follow the instructions to make the reservation. Prior to the rental, the renter must have a license to drive the chosen boat. Otherwise, you can rent a boat from Samboat with a crew: captain and hostess.

This staff receives a fee that is paid by the charter company. Also, some owners ask the client to deposit a deposit, the price of which varies according to the boat rented. The deposit is not included in the rental price.  Moreover, the owner does not take care of the fueling; these expenses are the responsibility of the renter.