The Ozarks are alive. They are full of so many exciting things to do, and it’s not just nature-based. In fact, some of the best events have nothing to do with the beautiful mountains, lakes, or caves, but are entirely based around music and thrills. The area has so many stages, theatres and festivals that you are just spoiled for choice.

That’s why regular trips to the Ozarks are so special, especially if you live just a short drive away and can manage regular day trips or weekend trips. When you have that flexibility, the live entertainment available in the area becomes that much closer.

It’s all also largely together. Most of the events and activities that are a must-see in 2024 are located in Branson, Missouri. Of course, this is hardly a shock to those who know the area. Branson has long made a name for itself by being a music destination. It’s home to Silver Dollar City and many theatre stages, after all, so it’s no wonder that s many of the top shows and events are within a stone’s throw of this city’s limits.

That’s also why Branson is going to be the best place to stay if you’re planning a weekend away. You can book a very affordable, yet high-quality resort room with Westgate Branson Resorts, treat yourself to the pools, gyms, and other top amenities, and then head into town to hear the music.

Most of these music events take place on the weekend, or throughout the week, meaning locals can make good use of their weekends for a lovely two-day break. Those further out are better off taking the week off, and splitting up their time between live events and getting out amongst the beautiful nature.

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, one thing remains the same, it’s an absolute must to go and see at least one (or more) of these top shows in 2024:

1.    Cirque: Electric Dreams

Everyone at this point has heard of Cirque. It’s international, and one of the most famous brands in circus performances anywhere. It’s where you can see amazing acrobatics, daring stunts, and fun performances all at once. The best part? A new Cirque show is coming to Branson in 2024. This new performance, Cirque, Electric Dreams, is set to spice up the offerings available in Branson, giving you even more entertainment and thrills during your stay.

2.    El Mago Pop

El Mago Pop is Europe’s best and most successful magician and illusionist. Since coming to the United States, he’s dominated Broadway, and has even opened up his very own theatre right here in Branson. Catch one of the new shows and be absolutely amazed. His illusions defy expectations, and he offers your eyes a feast that cannot be believed. It’s a top-rated, fan-favorite magic show already, and it’s a must-see in 2024.

3.    Dolly Parton’s Stampede

Dolly Parton’s Stampede is one of the most successful dinner and show experiences in the entire country, and there’s a location right here in the Ozarks. Where else can you enjoy a five-course meal while watching stunts and performances from incredibly talented performers? Many fans are greatly anticipating the changes they’re making to their 2024 show list, so you’re in for a treat if you visit this year.

4.    Legends in Concert Festival

If you love the oldies but will never see those bands live again, head over to this Legends in Concert Festival. It’s where tribute bands come together to bring the music of Elvis and the like to life. However, don’t expect the poor quality tribute bands you may see for free in bars. These are some of the best bands in the business, and they embody their favorites to bring those long-past artist music back to life.

5.    Jay Osmond LIVE

Jay Osmond, one of the original band members of The Osmonds has started his own live show debut in Branson, starting 2024. Osmond is a world-class drummer and musician, and has put together his own show after the big success of The Osmond’s Musical. This experience is only set to be in Branson for a short period, so if you’re exciting for something new, there’s no better place to be than in Jay Osmond’s theatre.

6.    Southern Gospel Sundays

 Love Gospel music? Like it even better when it has a touch of comedy thrown in? Then you’ll love Southern Gospel Sundays. This special event starts up in April of 2024, and promises big things for churchgoers visiting the Ozarks this year. Not only will you hear classic gospel songs sun live, but you’ll also hear brand new songs, and comedic gospel music to really delight the entire experience.

7.    Silver Dollar City’s Music Festival Lineup

Silver Dollar City is a theme park that offers so much more. On top of roller coasters and other thrilling activities, it’s also home to several big music festivals throughout the year.

·       Bluegrass & BBQ

When you love to eat, lounge on a picnic, and listen to great music, there’s nowhere better in the Ozarks than Silver Dollar City. This festival brings jazz fans right into the action with an incredible lineup of Bluegrass jazz artists and excellent BBQ food options, making it the perfect picnic option.

·       Summer Concert Series

Silver Dollar City later hosts its Summer Concert Series, where you can hear live music across genres one day a week. To satisfy your music tastes, you’ll see original acts and tribute bands on multiple stages. Plus, you can pop in and out through all the rest of Silver Dollar City’s great lineup of activities.

·       Autumn Festival

Listen to live music, try out different crafts, shop at a great market, and see hundreds of pumpkins. The eats are fresh, seasonal, and delicious. When it comes to welcoming in the turn of the season, there’s nowhere better to be than this autumn festival hosted by Silver Dollar City.