You might start to long for warmer weather when the days get shorter. Our favorite winter sun destinations can help you plan a trip away from the United Kingdom when it’s at its coldest.

Whether you’re looking for a way to start the year on a good note, end 2022 in a memorable convention, or explore a way to get away from winter before spring arrives, this article suggests some of the best winter sun destinations to avoid the chills of winter and soak in the sunshine.

  1. Jamaica 

    As with its island neighbors, the climate of Jamaica is tropical, with year-round warmth and very mild seasonal variations between summer and winter. Between December and April, temperatures average around 27 degrees, making the island’s reef-lined, white-sand beaches an ideal place to relax. The port city of Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s northern coast is a lovely destination to explore if you want to enjoy the island’s crystalline waters. You can trek up Dunn’s River Falls and swim in one of its captivating, tiered pools.

  2. Mauritius

    Mauritius, a former station along the Spice Route, has been impacted by French, African, Indian, and Chinese cultures. This implies that the cuisine is incredibly diverse, with dim sum, curries, and croissants available at restaurants and cafes along the island’s waterways. Moreover, fresh foods abound, and as you tour the island, you’ll find yourself meandering past tea and sugar cane farms, walking through fragrant shops laden with pineapples, and strolling along farms of bananas.

  3. St. Maarten

    The tropical island of St. Maarten offers year-round sunshine, breathtaking scenery, and delicious Caribbean cuisine. This island is the smallest piece of land in the world, home to two different countries. Sint Maarten, which is Dutch, is in the south, and Saint Martin, which is French, is in the north. There are considerable distinctions between the two parts of the island. Still, both sides have clean beaches, colorful buildings, and an abundance of gourmet cuisine.

  4. Madeira, Portugal

    The climate of Madeira is so pleasant that it is affectionately known as the “Eternal Spring.” Nevertheless, winter is an ideal time to visit the island since it becomes less congested and the cost of lodging decreases. The best way to see the beautiful nature on this Portuguese island is to hike through the subtropical forests, passing little settlements and waterfalls along the route. Keep an eye out for dolphin and whale species that migrate to the coast throughout the winter.

  5. Martinique 

    Martinique is a component of the Lesser Antilles, an island in the southeastern Caribbean that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. The earliest occupants of this island gave it the nickname ‘flower island,’ and if you come, you’ll quickly understand why. In this rich, volcanic soil, hibiscus, oleander, rose, bougainvillea and orchids flourish. These beautiful flowers also thrive from the island’s rainforest climate, tropical, with year-round temperatures hovering about 26 degrees, making it an ideal winter sun destination.

  6. Maldives 

    The Maldives are the ideal destination for an exquisite island getaway. The shallow, clear seas around each of the offshore atolls in the island chain are teeming with marine life, including clownfish and rays. Take a boat out to observe manta rays or snorkel and dolphins around your island in search of tortoises and eagle rays. Regardless of how you want to spend your time, the all-inclusive resorts on the islands make it easy to relax thoroughly.

  7. Seychelles 

    On a list of destinations with picture-perfect beaches, the beaches of Seychelles stand out. Here, luxuriant vegetation cascades from the island’s hills to soft, white-sand coves that curl into the crystal-clear Indian Ocean. Between December and January, the northwest trade winds reduce the island’s temperature to a moderate 27 or 28 degrees Celsius.

  8. Barbados 

    Imagine a tropical island paradise, and Barbados comes to mind. And with its palm-fringed beaches, flavorful Bajan food, and laid-back ambiance, it is one of the best winter spots for a relaxing vacation. From December to April, the atmosphere in Barbados is dry and sunny, hovering about 30 degrees Celsius, which makes chilling on a sun lounger with a cocktail all the more enticing.

  9. Miami 

    Miami has an alluring appeal due to its palm-lined boulevards, sleek high-rises, dynamic neighborhoods, tropical temperature, and renowned beaches. Expectedly, there is a thriving arts and culture sector, with exhibitions and modern art galleries to keep you engaged. And you’ll eat well, thanks to a diversified food scene that encompasses cuisines from throughout the world. In addition, the 35 miles of beach will also provide ample room to relax away from the crowds in the busiest places.