There’s nothing quite like the unapologetic relaxation of a cruise. When you want excellent service, unforgettable leisure and a home away from home, a cruise is surely the best choice of holiday. After all, how could this be possibly improved upon? Well, of course, with added luxury. Step into the world of indulgence cruising and invite fine cuisine, extreme comfort and sophistication into your life. If you’re wondering where you can find a getaway as wonderful as this, you can book your luxury cruise on

What is Ponant?

Ponant is a French cruise company, founded in 1988 by a group of professional sailors. Now they offer unique, luxury cruises that travel to incredible locations in small capacity ships. A special and extremely attentive stay is guaranteed. If you still feel hesitant, their multiple international awards prove the high class and exciting cruises that are promised. They believe in smaller ships with fewer guests to create a more intimate atmosphere where you can relax without overcrowding and staff can focus their full attention on giving guests a personal service.

What do they have to offer?

Ponant provides five star expeditions that cater towards people that love comfort, luxury and adventure. With stunning destinations visited across the globe, there’s a Ponant cruise for everyone. They give the opportunity to feel like an explorer discovering nature hidden from the public eye whilst also having the chance to practise true mindfulness and leave the busyness of life behind you.

Ponant also has several extra benefits for their customers. They believe in assisting guests with their stay before and after the cruise. For example, they make a special effort to try and correspond scheduled flights with your cruise. And for the destinations where this is slightly more difficult, Ponant may charter flights for guests to ensure the ease of their journey. In addition to this, transfers to and from the airport and the embarkation/disembarkation port.

Not only this but after several cruises with Ponant, you can become a part of their Yacht Club. Enjoy exclusive offers and extra special treatment on board.

What makes Ponant unique?


Ponant is dedicated to a more sustainable method of tourism. This can be summarised best by referring to Ponant’s environmental commitments:

  • Minimise harmful emissions, such as nitrogen, sulphur oxide and CO₂.
  • Reduce the use of single use plastics.
  • Reuse and trace all of our waste.
  • Give a platform to scientific research teams.
  • Support the creation of Marine Protected Areas.

Ponant also makes an effort to travel to the more hidden parts of the world, allowing necessary maintenance for these ecosystems.

It’s up to businesses to promote and practise a more sustainable approach as opposed to our standard, more destructive practices. It is then up to individuals to use the services of companies that show they actively care about the planet. Excellent products and services can be hard to enjoy when they have a negative environmental impact.

To learn more about Ponant’s approach to sustainable tourism, head over to


One of the special things about Ponant cruises is their theme cruises. For every season, they design voyages based on four main themes:

  • Culture– Receive the fantastic opportunity to have access to private museum visits, experience incredible, toe-tapping live music whilst on board and take part in the celebration of live events. To top it all off, guests can meet industry artists and experts.
  • Planet– Learn about the process and complications of preserving and protecting the oceans and local cultures through the documentary makers and naturalists who will be travelling with you.
  • Geopolitics– Understand the regions you will visit on a much deeper level and become educated on the challenges it faces on a cultural, civilisational and geopolitical level. This is another theme that is enhanced with the addition of subject specialists.
  • Lifestyle– With the help of Michelin-starred chefs, professional sommeliers, naturopaths and yoga teachers, focus on your wellbeing by going back to basics and relearning how to look after your body and mind.

The beauty of themed cruises is that no cruise is the same. If you choose to cruise with Ponant again, you can guarantee that you will have an entirely different (although equally as amazing) experience. Each trip is designed not just for relaxation and pure bliss, but also for the opportunity to embrace culture, indulge in your hobbies and discover new ones.

So what are you waiting for?

For the unforgettable cruise of a lifetime, Ponant is a choice that you won’t regret. With a minimum of fifty guests of honour from a variety of different fields each year, it’s clear that these are cruises like no other. They place as much importance on knowledge and discovery as they do on indulgence. Ponant is the perfect choice for a truly versatile getaway that enriches the mind, the body and the soul.