Getting onto the stock exchange is one of the best ways regarding your company’s future development and financial stability. In this blog, we’re going to provide instructions on how to list your company on the London Stock Exchange:

1. Selecting the relevant advisors

First thing’s first – when you wish to join the London Stock Exchange, you’ll need to hire consultants who have the relevant market experience to determine whether you are eligible to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Some of the key individuals who will play a role in this transition will include a sponsor, broker, accountant and lawyer. These individuals will guide you through the application process, determine the price of shares and advise on legal issues which may arise before you’re able to get your foot on the market.

2. Choose a market

Secondly, you’ll need to determine which market is suitable for you. The decision you make will be heavily dependent on the size of your business, your business idea, potential expansion and funding options. Your advisor will chat through the FCA’s listing requirements and determine the following:

·  Assets and liabilities – Your advisor will need to verify that your company owns and controls all of its assets and can manage business liabilities

·   Controlling shareholder agreements: Ensure that your company’s shareholders are informed of the time constraints for selling shares

· Capital share: You will need to decide as to how to divide your capital

·  Contracts: Ensure all contracts are signed off

·  Insurance – Ensure that all insurance policies are updated

3. Prepare your application to get listed

All markets will have their own terms and conditions concerning entry requirements for companies hoping to get listed. Without the relevant experience, it is almost impossible to know what is expected of you therefore, you will make use of your advisor to guide you through the process and become listed on the UK major 100.

4. Marketing to investors

Once you have completed all of the above steps, your broker will work alongside you to market your company to potential investors. It would be highly advisable to choose a broker that has had experience in your business sector so that they’re aware of the direction to take and preserve your company’s reputation. The success of your marketing techniques will allow you to secure more investors and in turn, boost your company’s financial situation for a much more stable future.

If you have the ambition of getting listed on the London Stock Exchange, we hope this article has given you some insight into how to make the move.