Women play key roles in the family, workplaces and leadership of a nation. Generally, women have proved to be skilful, have different perspectives and innovative, leading to a significant change. There are relevant women in history who have achieved success in most fields, like politics, academics, sports or business. Through thewoment.org, you can have a chance to read about how women are emerging best in society.

A brief history about women who brought major changes to the society

Great women in historical times greatly influenced society and helped encourage other women to work hard to achieve their dreams and gain power. Women and young girls have faced many challenges and injustices throughout history. However, there are great women in contemporary society who were powerful, intelligent and inspirational, and they broke through the barriers, overcame the adversity and changed the world.

Great women like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Susan B. Anthony, Angela Burdett-Coutts and many others contributed positively during the recent years. These great women lead to achievements in different sectors in life like in the community, mathematics, science, government, art, sports and medicine. They had a huge impact on the development of new opportunities and self-respect for young women and girls. The great women in the old times undeniably changed the world for the better, and current women can draw inspiration and strength from ancient women.

Women’s empowerment

Women’s empowerment is important in the economics and development of a society. It helps in the achievement of a better world and has sustainable development. In recent days, women were under the umbrella of their father or husband and were neglected and ignored in the contributions of the activities of historical events. But currently, women have now come up strongly in society to be independent and take up leadership roles.

Full participation of both men and women is necessary for a successful and productive life where responsibilities are shared appropriately to better nurture children and manage the household. The current society has empowered most women and effectively brought hope. It has enabled women to benefit and have control of resources, income and assets.

Through training, awareness and education, women empowerment has resulted in well-educated and informed women in society. This process has enhanced the quantity and quality of human resources available in society for development. Many businesses, communities, and social groups have benefited from implementing policies and programs that encourage women’s empowerment in the UK. Relevant women in history like Ruth Porat, Monica Eaton-Cardone, Emma Kane, Stephanie Eltz and many others have emerged best in the business and social world.

Women need to understand their rights to walk par with men and contribute effectively to the world. Therefore, countries should empower women and take the necessary steps to eliminate gender inequalities among men and women for better development in society.

The role of women in the society

Women have changed tremendously over the years, and they have created significant changes in society. Modernisation and technology have helped to widen up opportunities and hope for them. Here are some of the roles that have enabled the productivity of women in the world.

Caretakers and role models

In the family, women are the prime caretakers. Women are always at the forefront and always help the family adjust to challenging circumstances. They also play an important role in supporting their community and families to provide food and security, improve livelihoods, create income and overall well-being. Besides playing the big role of caretaking of the family, they also serve as role models for their children.

The children and community take in values that their mothers do, serving as their great role models. Women acting as role models are the main reason most women are encouraged to work hard and set the best example for the community and their families. Young people in the community look up to the great values of women, and hopefully, this will lead to a brighter future.


Initially, leadership roles mostly were set aside for men. With the help of women empowerment, women now play a big role in the community by serving in top leadership positions of the community. A woman in a family ensures a well-ordered controlled household for better family life. She appoints duties among family members to help accomplish desired goals of a home. Women are considered more sensitive to members they govern and can bring out the best in them for better community development.


Women play a big role in trying to fight for the rights of the people in the community. In recent days, women were assumed as weak, but now they prove their skills and strengths differently on different platforms. They are working effortlessly to attain equality in terms of opportunities and pay that promotes community development.


Women have a compassionate nature and empathetic, enabling them to serve as volunteers in the community. They take time to give a hand to the less fortunate in different ways. Women volunteer in orphanages, psycho-social support, academic accessibility, health education, among other areas, to bring about development in the community. Through their work, our societies can have a long-term and stable development.


In the current society, women are contributing to the family’s income. Although they face many challenges, women work in formal and informal environments to provide food and other requirements for their families. They have proven they can handle different tasks despite gender inequality in some sectors and positively contribute to the community. Many women are now entrepreneurs and also offer jobs to others in the community in all sectors.

Parting words

The woman’s journey in society continues to be successful as they create their own identity in the community. Women can provide better imaginative perspectives, a different set of skills, and the cultural and structural difference that can lead to a better future when given opportunities. Women perform better in their roles since their abilities and capabilities are undeniable in the current world. You can visit thewoment.org to know more about women in the current society.