Four important things to take the subway: How to find the subway entrance? How to buy tickets? How to find the correct riding direction? How to transfer?

Friends who are not familiar with subway rides After reading this article, you should no longer has to worry to get lost Also, don’t forget to get you travel visa from Visa Express if you need one.

Cities where you need to take the subway in Italy: Rome, Milan.

How to find the subway entrance?

Italian Metro English is Metro (abbreviated M). Generally, the subway entrance has a big M sign

How to buy tickets?
Ticket purchase process of Rome Metro automatic ticket vending machine

Locate the automatic ticket vending machine.

First select the language English, press the gray button next to it to select.

Then select the corresponding subway ticket

To the right of the bottom row of gray buttons is the confirmation key.

Then pay by cash or credit card When going out of Rome, you don’t need to swipe your card, just go out directly

Ticket purchase process of Milan Metro automatic ticket vending machine

Find the automatic ticket vending machine and touch the screen.

Still choose the language first.

Different types of train tickets can be purchased on this interface, and the Standard urban ticket can be purchased directly one way.

Choose the number of people to make a purchase, either by cash or by credit card.

Don’t lose your ticket, you still need to swipe your card to go out in Milan!

After getting the ticket, go to the subway gate.

How to find the correct riding direction?

European subway construction time is relatively old. There are fewer smart electronic facilities. More of it is paper.

Simple and straightforward way

A simple and straightforward way: take (ask) a chat (road), find a beautiful or handsome young lady or younger brother and ask where you are going and where to go by car.

Look at the sign

Look at the signs, the gray area is the station that has passed. The colored area is the upcoming subway station.