A Sense of Liberation that reaches Everyone

You can be certain that the popcorn maker was working at full capacity in the cinemas that have reopened their doors, and it will certainly continue for a while, as people rediscover the pleasures of enjoying entertainment outside of the house. How many series can you binge on, on Netflix or Amazon, before you start realizing you have been breathing the same stale air, inside the house, for way too long? Well, we found out that we could indeed last quite long, without leaving the confinement of our home. But that just makes it sweeter to now walk around and head to our favourite entertainment hall.

Theatres ready to go, but remain on the Look-out

How many twists and turns can the COVID-19 virus cause to the human race? It would seem more than a screenwriter could imagine, as most theater owners remain worried about what could come next. It is true that we all thought we were done with the coronavirus last summer, before it came back and hit us even harder, fragilizing the entertainment industry, furthermore. Therefore, we can’t blame the managers of this sector to remain slightly pessimistic about the situation.

But that said, specialists believe that the crowds will be heading back this summer to the large London theater scene. For now, laws enable the venues for a 50% capacity and a maximum gathering of 1,000 people, per location. That will force some difficult decisions for some theater owners, who will have to decide if that is sufficient for them to relaunch their shows. Those who decide not to reopen for now, will then probably wait till the step four of the government’s reopening plan, slated for June 21st, when the rooms will be able to be filled, once again.

Is it the Start of the End?

That is the real question, everyone is wondering: Have we finally reached the end of the plot, or will another twist come in to ruin the story, once again? The firm believers in the vaccine solution think that this is it; no doubt. However, those more pessimistic, expect the coronavirus to find a way to come back to haunt us in the fall. What will it be? Stay tuned…