An e hookah head is a detachable chamber in an e-hookah that contains the e-juice tank, a coil or heating element, a battery, and other components that allow it to function properly. When placed on a hookah, the system becomes complete and is ready to use.

With the advancement in vaping devices, it is easy for anyone to get an electronic hookah head that is advanced in technology, aesthetically amazing, eco-friendly, and affordable at the same time. To buy such an e hookah head, here is what you need to know.

Research Thoroughly

Information is power. So, when looking for an e hookah head for sale, the first thing you need is to gather a lot of information. The web can help, especially expert review platforms and information websites.

Reputable vape accessory sellers also have information on the latest e hookah head devices on the market today. This includes descriptions and prices, which is good information when you are looking for e hookah head for sale.

Buy E Hookah Head from a Reliable Seller

Today, you can access a plethora of e hookah head devices from reliable sellers with ease. All of them have an e-commerce website where you can just order your device. To find a reliable website, the research you did earlier will help you.

Just so you know, ePuffer e hookah head devices are some of the best in the market. The website has a variety to choose from at reliable prices. The good thing is that there are many others you can rely on. Check those in your area so that the delivery process will be faster.

Compare Prices

Where you are buying an e hookah pipe online or from a vape shop near you, it is worth comparing the prices. It is a simple process that you can do in advance to save a lot of money. A modern e hookah head can be slightly costly because they have incredible features such as temperature control, but they give value for money.

One thing to bear in mind is that the value for money is more important. So, do not always settle for devices with the lowest prices, but those that give value for your money. It is better to spend a little more and get an e-hookah that will serve you for many years without any issues.

Check the Features

Features such as temperature control, programmable settings, LED indicators, and good battery define an excellent e hookah head. According to experts, modern devices are also compatible with many hookah devices. This is exactly what you should go for.

These devices come in different designs, which is a crucial feature that you should look for. Some look like a bowl, others have a perfectly cylindrical shape, while others have a dome shape. Buyers also get to choose the color that suits their needs such as simple dark colors to flashy and bright colors.

Examples of Modern E Hookah Head Devices

African E-Shisha from ePuffer – This is a premium e-hookah mod that comes complete with an e hookah head. It is the device that will take your vaping experience to another level. You do not have to fix it onto a traditional hookah as it can function on its own. All you need is to fill the cartridge with your favorite e-juice and you are good to go.

Starbuzz e-hookah – If you are looking for a state-of-the-art e-hookah, look no more; this is the perfect shisha e head for you to try. It can be programmed to suit your vaping needs, and enhance the overall experience.

Aspire e-head – This e-hookah is from the Aspire company, which is very popular in the vape world. They have transferred their expertise in making vape devices into hookahs and they have done an amazing job on this one. It will definitely take your vaping experience to the next level.


Using e-hookahs gives you a smooth draw because the vapor passes through water. And with a great e hookah head, the experience will even be better. Now that you know how to buy the best, you will have an easy time enhancing your experience.