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The growth of escape rooms has been sudden and vast, as more and more people around the world are discovering and falling in love with this exciting entertainment.

It is the kind of experience that people want to relive, and they also want to tell everyone they know about it once they’ve done it themselves. That is the kind of recipe for exponential growth, which is just what the escape room industry is undergoing at this moment.

Like any other industry, escape rooms need to constantly evolve, or else they run the risk of stagnating. But with more and more entrepreneurs coming into the business with their own exciting ideas, it’s likely that the business will keep innovating and coming up with new ways to excite customers looking for something different on their night out. Whether they’re catering to a group of friends, family members getting together, or even complete strangers, escape rooms are finding ways to keep it fresh.

Check out all of the Escape Rooms London you can find in the British capital and the surrounding areas. Chances are they are employing some of the trends that you can read about in the paragraphs ahead.

Theatre Major

If you truly want escape rooms to be interactive, you can do that by employing actors in the game. And that means more than just a single actor, but perhaps several located in different areas of the game who can give clues and help the players in their quest. In this way, they are not just providing useful information, but they are also providing a little more entertainment for the customer than just your typical fare, lending a kind of theatre experience to the whole affair. It’s the kind of extra-added value that escape rooms can offer that few other experiences can hope to match.

Dinner And An Escape Room

Many people who visit escape rooms use that as just the starting point for their evening, going elsewhere after it’s over to continue the night out. But more and more escape rooms are offering visitors a kind of experience where it takes just one stop for all of the user’s needs. To that end, there have been rooms recently built that include restaurants or bars in the same establishment. In one location, a person can enjoy all the thrills of an escape room and then embellish that experience with dinner and drinks.

Learning Experiences

Another development in escape rooms are rooms that combine the usual entertainment of people trying to “get out” of the room with an experience more akin to a museum. The information learned by the players in the game might be more than just useful to complete the task. Instead, it can be the kind of knowledge about culture or history that can enrich a person’s life. Again, the added value is extremely beneficial and yields a more well-rounded experience.

These are just a few of the ways that rooms are staying current and making adjustments. And they seem destined to make these experiences even more popular in the future.


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