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Have you ever sat and really thought about the things you own and how often you actually use them? Do you have so much stuff that you struggle to find space for it all? You’re not alone! Consumerism has sky rocketed over the years with the rise in social media, and the marketing opportunities that have come with it, increasing our desire to buy more. Social influencers have added to this pressure of buying more, with their constant flow of promotional content, showing off the newest trends in fashion, tech, interiors and more.

Self-storage company Ready Steady Store, recently commissioned a survey to see just how materialistic people in the UK are.  The survey looks into the things we own, why we keep them and what we do with the items we eventually get rid of.

The survey showed that the UK is definitely materialistic, with 46% of people surveyed even admitting to being so. If you take a look at the infographic below, you will see what items people in the UK find difficult to part with and why, not only that, but which rooms in their homes are most effected by the amount of belongings they own.

Are we Living in a Material World?
Provided by Ready Steady Store

Materialism in the UK
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