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Micro-scooter, £52+

Who says scooters are for kids? The Micro Sprite is Swiss-designed and features a lightweight frame, tough PU wheels
and an easy-folding mechanism. Getting about has never been so much fun.

Jeronimo! Giant Tower, £40

Test your skills with this giant version of jeronimo, which is made up of 60 wooden blocks. Complete the tower, then the idea is to take it in turns to remove the blocks one by one without knocking it over. Just when you think you’re doing well, your world could come crashing down.

Chess set, £30+

Pit your wits against your opponent with this giant chess set – the mat is PVC and the pieces are made of plastic, so it doesn’t matter if they get wet. The aim of the game (in brief) is to get the other player’s king in ‘checkmate’, which means you’ve won. However, it’s a little more long-winded than that, so not suitable for anyone with a short attention span, really.

Space Hopper, £20

Expect to have hours of fun bouncing around on one of these retro hoppers. Choose from a range of colours and then race your friends while trying to eat a jam donut. Just an idea.

Bananagrams, £44.95

Looking for something a little more taxing than hitting a ball around? Well, this is a game more for your mind than your physique. A super-sized version of Bananagrams is being released just in time for summer. Packaged in a funky banana-shaped bag, the game is a race against your opponent to build giant crossword grids and use all tiles.

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