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A passenger onboard a plane which crashed in the US state of Utah lived to tell the tale - and filmed the whole event on their smartphone.

The crash landing of the small single-engine Cessna 175 on a snow-covered field in Utah was captured on film and shared on YouTube via CBS news.

Jonathan and Kara Fielding were flying with their 7-month old baby as well as a family friend and Kara's mother. The plane was flown by pilot Lynn Goodsell.

A remarkably calm Jonathan Fielding calmly narrates “We are just over the top of the overpass...We are told that there’s carburetor ice, so this is kind of exciting. I’m not worried. I think we’re going to be just fine.”

All the passengers survived their ordeal, despite the fact that the plane flipping upside down on landing.

Watch the video below.



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