Talk time: 2.45pm, Saturday, March 9, 2013.
Talk name/title:
 To Russia with love
Speaker’s name: Trevor Bone
Company: On the Go Tours

Why do you love to travel?
I love to enjoy new experiences and learn about different cultures.

Who would be your ideal travel partner and why?
Arnold Schwarzenegger because they’re think we were twins.

What was your favourite destination last year and why?
Russia – it’s awesome, so amazingly different and so cold!

Describe the most unusual situation you’ve found yourself in while travelling?
In hospital in Thailand after a tuk tuk crash…

Name two up-and-coming destinations for 2013.
Sri Lanka and Burma.

If you could return to any country you’ve been to, where would it be and why?
Vietnam because it’s a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

What’s the one thing you can’t travel without and why?
An extra pillow because of my sore neck as result of my tuk tuk accident!

Give us an overview of what you’ll be discussing at the TNT Travel Show:
Russia and why it’s our number one seller!

Who will find your talk relevant?
All TNT readers of all ages and backgrounds.