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It would be quite the understatement to say there’s been a little buzz around the release of the iPhone 5. But it seems as though the hype and marketing has been so effective that people are wiling to admire whatever is put in front of them.

When production assistants for late-night talk host Jimmy Kimmel showed people on Hollywood Boulevard a 4S, even when they have one of their own, and told them it was the new model, they believed him.

Those interviewed not only seemed to think their last iPhone would immediately become irrelevant, but also took the 4S to be the new phone and projected the upgrades onto it. Watch what happened below.

This type of tech trickery in tech news is not new. When Gizmodo handed people the iPad 2 and told them it was the brand new iPad, they said they loved the new improvements.


Video: The Apple effect - Public given iPhone 4S told it's iPhone 5, react predictably
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