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A former professional boxer, Ibrahim El-Wahsh has been a tour guide since the early-Nineties. He is descended from a northern Bedouin tribe.

What’s the best-kept secret in Jordan?

It has to be canyoning. Firstly, there are rarely any other tourists in Feynan, sometimes you don’t even see other cars.

You also get to see a lot of Bedouins, both in the mountains and in the canyons.

In the winter there is a lot of water (although some of the routes are closed due to this) and the temperature is perfect.

Wadi Rum is no secret, but it is a special place. I like to go there and just sit and think. You can lose yourself there.

And how about the biggest misconception?

That Jordan isn’t safe. I have had two tour groups from the US cancel this month because they are worried about Iran and Israel bombing each other or whatever, but if you look around, you’ll see it is safe.

We are unlucky in terms of our position, with Syria, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and Iran so close, but we are not those countries. Also, people seem to think that Jordan is expensive.

It’s not! Even in Petra you can find a hostel for £4-£5 a night. The admission to Petra (£45) is the only expensive thing in Jordan.

What’s been your most adventurous trip?

Well there is the time with the hyena, of course, but you’ve already heard that one (see main story).

But  I remember another time when a customer on one of my tours lost her bag at night in the middle of Wadi Rum.

I said to wait until the morning to look for it but she said she couldn’t, she was diabetic and she would die without her medicine.

We went off looking for it and then, in the middle of nowhere after looking for hours, I tripped over it and hurt my arm quite badly.

That was a close one.


Insider's guide to Jordon: Ibrahim El-Wahsh, tour-guide and ex-boxer, gives his top tips and advice
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