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Norway is a country where you can find frozen tundra, trendy cities, and the most beautiful coastline. Trips to Norway are usually famous for visiting spectacular islands, marveling majestic mountains and fjords. You will never be disappointed as Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Whether wondering at the northern lights in winter or at glistening massive glacier in summer, tours to  Norway is a great adventure in any season.

The Norwegian fjords

Probably the best know Norway attraction is the famous fjords. Our guided tours of Norway take visitors to the stunning fjords cutting a long way into the land from the coast offering unforgettable views.

The most popular way of seeing the fjords is on a round Norway local tour starting and finishing in Oslo. The tour includes scenic Fjord cruises, the legendary rail trips (Flam Railway) visiting picturesque Bergen and tiny fjord villages.  

Jotunheimen National Park

One more famous Norway attraction is Jotunheimen National Park with the famous Besseggen ridge walk, revealing high peaks and deep valleys. The landscape of Jotunheimen National Park offers the most beautiful vistas and dramatic walks. The mountain Galdhøpiggen there is the bucket list destination for many visitors on Norway travel packages, and it is with a  good reason. Even in summer, there is snow on the ground there, and the road in the park tends to be closed during the night. Going on a guided Norway tour to this wild place is a safe choice.

How to choose Norway travel packages to see all the attractions

Choosing a travel package which would suit your sense of adventure is always important. If you decide to go on a Scandinavian vocation, Norway should be on top of your list. Scandinavian countries tour packages always include Norway as without spectacular Norwegian fjords and mountains a trip to Scandinavia wouldn’t be complete.

The truth is that Scandinavia and particular Norway is not a cheap place but choosing wisely you can enjoy a trip without spending a fortune. The cheapest time to go to Scandinavian is on a shoulder-season: in late May, early June, and September. This time lacks the merits of summer but offers fewer crowds and sometimes even good weather. Norway, in particular, can be fun from late May to mid-June, when the days are still long, but the tourist lines are short.

Nordic Saga Tours offers vacation packages and day trips all across Norway for tourists of all ages, interests, and budgets.

Best Norway tourist attractions
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