It’s Christmas time! – Know how to pamper your pet this festive season

Don’t you think it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas! There are several reports that tell us that pet owners are predicted to spend more than $900 million on their pets this festive season! And considering the fact that we are a nation that loves and adores animals, we definitely want to pamper our pets and prepare for your puppy care.

Did you ever ponder over the fact that if your puppy had thumbs that could write, what would they ask for from Santa? Would they only ask for sound sleep or there are some other things that they would wish for? If you’re a pet parent who wants to love and care for your pet this Christmas, here are a few ideas you may try out that will not only make your pet happy but will also not break your bank.

Plan an extensive pamper session 

The pet stores in the US and UK have recently reported to have seen a sudden hike in profits by 85% during the initial part of the financial year. There are numerous pet day spas and pamper sessions booked during this time that automatically leads to a boom in festive sales. Well, if you’re interested in intensive puppy development and you find all the pet spas getting booked rapidly, you can plan a home session. Give him a good warm wash and a blow dry, a massage session and an overall grooming session to make him happy.

Take him out for his preferred walk

If nothing else is planned for you, spoil him by taking him out for his favorite walk. After he has had his good session of puppy sleep, you can take him for a Christmas walk by the beach or to a forest that he’d love to explore. If you take him to a park, he can meet his other four-legged friends and feel energized. This can also be a simple yet memorable Christmas present for your pet.

Cook a nice Christmas dinner for him

Is there a better way to spoil your pup than home-cooking his favorite Christmas dinner? Both cats and dogs love lean and plain pieces of turkey sans bones or skin. You can try serving freshly grilled turkey with boiled veggies like parsnips, peas, and carrots. However, make sure you avoid sauces or oil gravy as they often contain harmful ingredients. Cooked bones can also be a hazard due to the fact that it leads to splinters or blockages in their stomach pipe.

Get a useful toy

Which type of toys are they obsessed with? Does he love tug toys or tennis balls or do they enjoy puzzle-solving games? There’s basically no better way to make your dog wag his tail or your cat purr than by giving him a surprise with a new toy! With the innovative toys rapidly increasing in the puppy care market, there is some kind of toy for even the smallest pets.

Teach a new trick to your pet

This is totally free and yet you can teach him as many treats as you can. Since it’s Christmas time, teach a new trick to your pet. As long as bonding with your pet is concerned, learning new tricks is a good way. It stimulates the minds of your pet and reduces their boredom. Once they grasp the tricks, you can ask him to show off in front of all your guests.

Therefore, if you’re a pet parent who has been thinking of doing something special for your pet, choose any of the above-listed ideas. You can also plan a 12-week development of your pet just before the New Year ushers in.