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Send us your picture and take part in our weekly travel photography competitions, judged by TNT picture editor Laila Pacheco.

Jewish people on the beach, Ruta Mackelaite, London (above).

This is a great composition, using lots of empty space, which draws our eye to the subject. Because the Orthodox Jews walking along the sand are so small, they being swallowed by the beach. Simple black and white has lent a dramatic aspect to the scene. It’s not often you see something like this, so the shot has a secret element.

Sagrada Família, Barcelona , Chris Flack, Christchurch, New Zealand (above).

The cloud peeping out of the Sagrada Família brings a playful aspect to this shot. However, I would have cropped out the crane on the far right. Exploring different possibilities is such a fun way to learn what works and what doesn’t. Composition is derived from your creativity and allows the viewer a glimpse of how you see the world.

HOT TIPS: Finding style
Having your own style in any creative field is always preferable – it’s what you will be known for and also sets you apart from others. While it may take time to find exactly what it is, once you are there, it’s a feeling of great relief – as from that point, you can focus on developing that style. Many of the great photographers have their own approach and can be identified with just a glance of their work. Well-known Englishman David Bailey, for example, loves to crop the top of his subjects’ heads off and shoot black and white in the studio with a clean background – many techniques, but combined they form his own distinctive style. 

WIN: A three-day tour of Scotland and a photography course

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First prize is a three-day tour of Scotland for two worth £218 from Haggis Adventures ( Must be taken within three months of receiving prize letter. The runner-up wins a £60 photography course voucher from Nigel Wilson Photography (


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