10,000 people were asked by retail specialists shop4pop.com about their plans for the new year bargain hunt, and whether they believed the winter sales offered true value for money.

A significant 23% of respondents revealed that they will be sourcing 2016’s Christmas presents in the new year, while 16% of Brits – and almost a quarter of 55-64 year-olds – plan to shop for next year’s Christmas decorations in January sales.

The trend is particularly strong among cash-strapped 18-24 year-olds, while a huge 46% of 35-44 year-olds say they will be on the hunt for Christmas bargains.

Daylight robbery?
Last month, City AM shed light on Britain’s “never-ending sales season”, as Black Friday rolls into Mega Monday, which rolls into January’s carnival of low-cost products.

In spite of the nationwide drive to find limited-time discounts, opinion is split when it comes to the bang Brits are actually getting for their buck.

Almost a quarter of Brits don’t believe they’re getting value for money in the January sales – while nearly a third of UK shoppers question the deals offered by retailers during Black Friday.

The study follows a report by the Telegraph revealing that winter deals, while highly publicised, are no better than Brits can expect to find all year round.

Britain’s female population are particularly sceptical when it comes to January bargains, with 30% of respondents expressing doubts about these post-Christmas promotions.

The UK’s older shoppers are the most jaded bunch, however – with a resounding 42% of over-65s unsure these price cuts are quite as exciting as they may appear.

Britain’s January basket
When asked what they’d be filling their 2016 trolleys with, UK shoppers revealed it would be a mixed bag – with clothing and jewellery, electrical items and food and drink among the most sought-after products.

Over 50% of women surveyed said they’d be on the lookout for discounted clothing and jewellery, while electricals are the top priority for Britain’s men – taking 35% of their vote.

Toys and games also proved popular – with over a quarter of 18-34 year-olds admitting they’ll be searching for these products come January – while more than a third of women over 55 will be on the hunt for cut-price furniture and homeware.