Declutter your furniture
Get rid of any furniture you don’t need while your guests are staying. This could mean temporarily moving extra pieces like large ornaments, lamps and side tables to another room to make more space for seating or mingling. You could even use Safestore self storage to store items for a short while.

Sell stuff, raise cash or give to charity
Make the most of your clear out by selling unwanted items. If your home is overrun by toys, you can get the kids involved by sorting through and selling or passing on their wanted toys. They could even keep the pennies from the sale to get new presents!

Blow up beds
For guests who are staying over, camp beds or air mattresses are great for a short stay without taking up much room when not in use. If your guests must sleep in the living room, invest in a folding screen for privacy especially if you need to walk by in the morning.

Feeding the masses
Use Tupperware boxes or add racks and undershelf baskets to your fridge and kitchen cupboards to create functional space so you can stack rather than pile up the food.

Create a buffet station
Rather than serving a meal sitting down at the dinner table, create a buffet style area for food where people can serve themselves and then find a space to sit down – they could even use the stairs!

Use a Lazy Susan
Free up space on a table by using a turntable to hold a few sauces and condiments where they’ll still be easy to grab by everyone.

Sitting pretty
Instead of playing musical chairs due to lack of seating, invest in some affordable folding chairs.  You could even decorate these or add some upholstered pads to fit your Christmas theme.

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